The Eclipse Window; Deepening and Expanding The Heart Field.



We are in the midst of a very powerful Eclipse Season. It began a week ago with an eclipsed full moon, and next Saturday, 4th December, it culminates with a Solar Eclipse.
It was made clear to me that the full opening of the heart is possible as we are simply returning to what is natural and true for us. I have been asked to focus on the heart over this period, and possibly beyond. The eclipse window supports this movement, this deepening into ourselves.
The heart centre has always been an anchoring point along my journey into greater awareness. Every time I have felt lost, unsure, bored, lonely, and just about every time I have gone inside and asked,” What now?”, the answer has been focus on your heart. Open your heart. Feel your heart. Listen to your heart.
Now the world needs this energy more than ever and we do too.
Last weeks teleconference was profound. Some of you sent very touching feedback as to how what we did affected you.
This week, we will build on what went before. We will deepen the strong connection between the heart of the earth and our heart. I have never seen so clearly before the importance of that connection and that the earth really is willing to empower our heart in this way, simply by breathing the bridge through from the core of the earth. she wants our heart open and folded with light and is very willing to work with us on this.
During the week there has been a very beautiful link with Merlin. He showed himself to me as a guide many years ago, and he makes his presence felt every now and again. He has a very ancient association with the earth. We knew him as Thoth from Egypt and Atlantis, before we knew him as Merlin. He is one of the earth protectors, and comes to help us remember the magic available in and through the heart. He will support the work of building the heart field all around and through the planet. This week, he came to me from the centre of the sun, showing himself as a cosmic being, an aspect of the Christ energy. His input will be a powerful addition and support for what we are engaged in on Sundays teleconference.
One of the primary focus for this weekend will be the dissolution, through the heart field of what stands in the way of us full opening. With the personal heart space so much can easily and smoothly release. This week has been a wonderful reminder for me of just that. It has been demonstrated over and over again, and so we will work with this beautiful technique of empowered heart presence. This will enable it to establishes itself within us, deepening confidence and trust in our own capacity to weather whatever storms life throws in our direction. This capacity to dissolve what is no longer needed in the heart field will be particularly strengthened by our group field and the support of the earth and sun, and of course, Merlin.

Im excited for this next piece of work we engage in.