The Eyes of Eternity. Enhancing and Expanding Power of The Gaze



I was asking the other day, if there would be a teleconference this weekend. I was unsure. Nothing particular was arising, and I thought maybe a break was called for.

“We would rather you offer a teleconference ,” came the reply, along with an immediate understanding of the energetic support offered through the teleconferences. Not by me, but primarily by those in non physical form that gather with us. The support is received by the planetary fields as well as the personal fields of all that attend. Me included.

I’m very happy that I don’t chose the topics for teleconferences. They land in me in a way I have come to recognise. It’s subtle but unmistakable.  So, I settled in to wait to see what would unfold. Yesterday, I was talking to someone and knew that the words I was speaking formed the basis of what was to be offered.

What I was speaking off was The Eyes of Eternity, using us, our energy field as a vehicle to view life through.

Years ago, I received a training of sorts, at the hands of my team. I was asked to watch videos on youtube that I find particularly nasty and unpleasant. Really difficult to watch. These were videos of animal cruelty, deep suffering. Stuff I wouldn’t choose to witness.

“We will watch with you. We will watch through you. We will show you how.”

While watching a horrible video of dolphins being trapped and slaughtered in a small bay in Japan, I was deeply aware of the eyes of the universe gazing impassively through me. I knew that the energy transmitted through my gaze, through  my field was reaching through time and space. It was present through me at that scene. It was with those dolphins in their panic and pain and terror. What’s more, it was with the fishermen who were butchering the dolphins, and it was with me in my horror and judgement

It was a profound experience and teaching I recieved. As I write, I am aware of other instances where the same thing has happened, sometimes totally unbidden, sometimes I have asked for help. A fieldd of compassion has arisen and operated through me in a way that I believe impacts whatever I have been witnessing, but also alleviates my suffering.

The world need this now. We need this now.

We are all being dismantled, pulled apart by the sometimes ferocious energies of our collective process. Huge ancient structures of the old paradigm, internally and external are collapsing now.  It can be deeply scary, exhausting and challenging at every level of our being.

There is always support available. This is one thing I know for sure. This is the support that wants to be offered through this teleconference at the moment. It’s a technique for sure.but it is much more than that. It’s a sure ver. It’s a stance. It’s a way of life many of us claim we want. To be a source of compassion  rather than judgement on the planet.

What I know is that when I show up for this, when I invite this, I am healed too. The channels in me, of willingness and my ability to sit in pain, mine or anothers, are expanded. My huge, seemingly endless capacity for judgement is silenced for a while as the universe moves silently through me.

This can  be called zero pointing, or entering into neutrality. There are many terms to express this. Engaging with it rewrites us from the inside out. It combines both active attention and a deep surrender and passivity so it literally brings us into balanced, unified peace. It is to be able to enter into this state and be held by Fields of Eternity and have them gaze through your eyes at your life, what is falling apart, what is unearthing itself, what is dying and what is birthing.

There is no shortage of events and happenings on this planet to focus a compassionate gaze upon. There is no shortage on inner struggles each of us face, that couldn’t be softened and eased by offering this to oursleves.

We will do both. Bathe ourselves in this energetic flow. We will also fix our gaze on the planet and all its situations. We will be hugely supported. Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion is already very present for this.