The Healing Field.



A few weeks ago, I was asked to accept the role of “healer”. This was something I had always side-stepped up until that moment. I knew, because of repeated requests that this was something significant, so I agreed. What happened with that agreement was a shift in my field, a new set of frequencies added.
I was aware as it was happening that this was more about working with the collective field than anything else. I still don’t regard myself as a healer, but I think my agreement means that a wider range of energies can move through my field.
On Sunday, we are going to co-create a healing field and work with the frequencies collectively. A part of this co-creation will be the offering of our abilities, trainings, knowledge and understanding, and a pooling of resources. We will of course be joined by teams of beings in other dimensions, Healing guides, psychic surgeons, upgrade facilitators, implant removal specialists, genetic activators. It’s a long list of energies and beings that will work with us.
The purpose of this is that we exchange energies, stimulate potentials and activate hidden abilities and capacities in each other.
Also, this will be a space where you can open up your field to the deepest levels possible, and be worked on and with by the assembled energies. Whatever confusions, entanglements, misperceptions, hidden wounds you may be holding, this will be an opportunity to have them wired with in a dedicated healing field. I know from experience how potent this can be. I used to think it was not possible to have patterns and energies cleared from my field in sessions like this, but I know different now.
It is entirely possible, not because of some reward we are due, or work we have done, but because it always has been possible. we simply haven’t been available to it.
Each of us embodies a whole world, universe even, of expertise and experience, much of it in other worlds, timelines and dimensions. Creating a field like this enables more of that expertise to come on line.
As well as a field of healing it becomes an energetic training school. We will be worked with in other dimensions to unfold capabilities ready to be accessed and integrated.