The Heart Portal. Permission To Be Free.



Most of us don’t realise, allow or access the great freedom we already posses. This thought lands quite forcibly in my awareness as soon as I sit to meditate this morning. It pushes its way up out of my heart. As I begin to consider this, I am drawn into an experience, within the heart field, that demonstrates how I/we bind ourselves into patterns and ways of believing and behaving that severely limit our experience of freedom.

We don’t have to wait for all of our conditioning, wounding, patterning to fall away in order to experience this freedom. It is perpetually present. We are in effect, highly trained monkeys, performing tricks inside our cages, while the door is unlocked and open. It’s not that I am wagging my finger at you, saying you must do better. I certainly include myself in this setup. I am asking myself, and being asked by life, “Why are you not experiencing more freedom, expansiveness, joy than you currently are? Why are you not claiming that for yourself?”

I have to be honest here, I have a lovely life, with all of my immediate needs met, work I love, lots of free time, a decent income and a sense, maybe illusory, that I am doing some good in the world. In many ways I am content. Maybe, certainly, this makes me highly complacent.

Most of you reading this will be experiencing something similar. A really good quality of life. Most needs met.

Often we allow our awareness of others with much less to stop us allowing more for ourselves, or opening to what is available. This is very evident on the planet at the moment.

The freedom I speak of is available to us now. Not tomorrow. Not when I have healed, forgiven, exercised, qualified, slimmed or earned enough. It is available right now. I feel it. It’s there in my heart. A space inside that wants to open and engulf me. A space we can drop into and explore, giving ourselves more permission all of the time to experience freedom as it is, right now.

I have this strange sense that the universe, our collective Higher Self, is presenting freedom to us through our heart at this moment. Pushing it. Offering it. Telling us, “It’s here  for the taking.” It seems to me that there is this pressure, an inner pressure, which can feel a bit scary. Often we try to keep these inner pressures under wraps, afraid its yet another wound to heal. If you explore it, it is actually life saying open this field of freedom that is already within. Let it expand and lead you. let it guide you from the inside.

We are going to explore this and will work with the idea and energy of permission. Often we have done the dismantling, healed the wounds, seen through the constructs. Maybe what we haven’t done is grant ourselves permission to be free. Maybe we don’t realise quite how available freedom is.

In the heart portal, we can do this, and be joined by a universal permission, support and encouragement to be free. As freedoms seem more and more threatened, we can allow the inner upwelling of freedom to empower us.

The energy of this eclipse portal we are in is a big wake up call. It is shaking many things up, at many levels.It is The Universe saying, ” Now is the time. I’m rattling your cages. Time to step out into a much bigger space of yourself.”