The Lion Headed Beings; A seventh dimensional transmission. Free Offering


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Back in 2010 I started having powerful experiences with Lions of various types while in altered states. This included taking physical journeys to Africa to connect with the White Lions, which was a stunning transmission in itself. I didn’t realise that there was a progression happening, a preparation. I had two direct overlay transmissions from the feline goddesses, Bastet and Sekhmet that we know from Egypt. These were profound experiences, but again, were preparation.

A week or so after I experienced the Sekhmet transmission, I was taken out of body to meet a team of beings. All of them were lion headed. We journeyed together, and they took me to planets and star systems, temples and sacred sites. They explained to me that they are architects and geneticists, whose main role is to gather DNA from all over the cosmos and to kick start life on planets that are ready to begin that experiment. They explained that I am one of them, that they are my family, and I would be working with them from now on, to help this experiment unfold to its next phase.

I have spent years considering this connection, wondering what it might mean, how it might play out. Since 2015, I have offered teleconferences on-line. The field generated is always held primarily by the Lion Headed beings. They have worked with me consistently, but always from a distance.
Last week, there was a deepening of understanding. I was in a very relaxed state, and all of a sudden became aware that I was surrounded by the Lion beings, who I knew were family. Energy poured into me and I could feel that part of me, the lion-headed aspect, stirring and awakening in a way I hadn’t felt before.

I saw some of my history. Perhaps 100,000 years ago, I had asked to incarnate as human. This was totally against advice. My request was so persistent, that it was granted, but it was made clear that this wasn’t necessary or recommended. I wanted to help from inside the experiment, rather than being an observer.

Many of us know this story. We volunteered eons ago, from all over the universe, to come here. We  immersed ourselves deeply in the experiment in order to participate help. The forgetting was profound and painful. We lost ourselves in worlds of form, becaming truly entangled in karma.

Now is the time of remembering. Now we can understand ourselves truly as cosmic beings, who came her to help and support. Now is the time we cast of the shackles of history and allow multi-dimensionality to come to the fore.

“We would like to offer a transmission through you. It is a transmission of 7th dimensional frequencies, from deep in your(humanities), history to help in your remembering of all that you are, and the restructuring that is required now.”

It is time to bring these aspects of ourselves to bear in and on the situation we find ourselves in. It is time to remember. Many of us experienced over the past few weeks intense awakening, stimulating and activating energies. A significant part of what wants to awaken and activate are these other identities within us.

I am reminded of of what Einstein said. You cant solve a problem from the level at which it was created. Bathing in higher dimensional energies gives us access to solutions, ideas, healings and remeberings that aren’t available from inside the experiment in consciousness we are all engaged in here.

I, David, don’t have the power to do this. Not at all. This transmission comes through the 7th dimensional aspect of me. It comes from my family at that level, The Lion Headed Beings.

We all live in these other dimensions. We inhabit many higher dimensional bodies, have incarnated in many different star systems and races. This transmission might help you to unwind some of the confusion of the human overlay. I’m not suggestion that there is anything wrong with being human. We simply need to be living more from other dimensions of ourselves now, to allow these faster frequencies to penetrate out through us into the world.
This transmission might help you to connect with and integrate more fully, some of your family(ies)of Light. This is its intention.

This is what we came to do.