The Lions Gate 2021.



Usually I’m quite upbeat, but sometimes fall into despondency and feel depressed at the way the world is moving. Yesterday, I was asking, what is the point of these waves and upgrades, all the rewiring and dismantling?

I was reminded of a time, 20 years ago, when I was in physical crises. I had just been told by two teams of doctors that I had a months to live. As I talked this through with a friend, I could hear, softly whispered over my shoulder, “Anything is possible, anything is possible.”

I dismissed this. It was barely audible and I was a little caught up in the drama of the situation. Later, we turned the tv on to hear the announcer introducing a singer with his latest song, “Anything is possible.”

I didn’t like the song so switched channel. The Salt Lake City Winter olympics were on, a downhill skiing race. The sportscaster was saying, “and in the mens slalom, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.”

I allowed myself to let the energy of that sink  in, and felt cocooned in a soft blanket of golden light that was full of possibility and potential. This cocooning energy didn’t let the medical message that I was dying sink in and take root in my psyche.

As that memory faded, the following came to mind.

“Your role is to align with the ever increasing rate of energetic flows and activations. To stay as present with them as you can, allowing them, opening to them, receiving them deeply so you are transformed at the deepest level. This is no easy task. Every aspect of your life and world is changed. You are  no longer the same after each wave. It is important to acknowledge this and allow yourself to be different, to live differently. It is necessary to allow your lives to fall apart and reconfigure over and over again.

You are not your image, your job, your roles and titles, your body, you strengths, weaknesses or conditions. None of that is what you are. A major point of the waves and upgrades, taking place over years is that you really come to dis-identify with the externals in your world and life, and focus on what is revealing itself internally.

In this way, you embody more and more of the light that you are and become less impacted by the happenings in the world. In this way, you are lifted into and hold higher and higher frequency states. This impacts all.

This is the shift that you await. Don’t despair. It is happening. More and more are stepping forward, opening their hearts. The light off truth has to be held, lived, demonstrated in the face of the darkest of energies. You are all doing this.

Portals like The Lions Gate encourage a huge coming together at the level of frequency. An enormous amount of support can be given from the non-physical realms and people are available to receive. This make a big difference to the light quotient on the planet and speeds the overall process for everyone.”

We are in a death and rebirth process all at the same time. It is confusing. I know that it is important to hold to the inner truth, even if this sometimes feels intangible and ephemeral. Don’t get lost in the external appearance of things. What is happening in the energetic realms, and deep inside each of us is real and transformative, and important for us to give out wholehearted attention to.

This Lions Gate Teleconference will be an opportunity to do that.

I’m afraid I have to return prices for the teleconferences to what they were before current world situation took hold. I have additional expenses and I’m now having to pay VAT on all my sales and need to make that adjustment.