The Marriage of Heaven and Earth.



As I was beginning this journey consciously, back in the early 90’s, the story I often read was that we as a collective were exiting out of our anchoring in the lower three chakras, and the survival patterning held there. This would move us through the strong bridge/block of the diaphragm into the heart. I haven’t seen it expressed in that way for some time, but this week, I was flooded with memories of that perspective of the Ascension Story.

I realised that this is totally where we are as a collective. We are wrapping up survival patterning. Lack, fear, scrabbling around in order to get our needs met. You may have noticed the return, the rerun of old patterns you thought you had done with. We are scrapping the bottom of these barrels. We are clearing out the lower three energy centres. They are being emptied and realigned. The chakras are being more deeply anchored into the central column of light, which is flowing more freely and fully. This, the inner River of Gold, I have often talked about, is where our sustenance comes from. From the inside out. As we fill with light at inner levels, we are transformed , and more easily draw to us what we need to move through our lives with grace. We live in flow.

The diaphragm has been a strong blocking point for many of us. It locks us into the lower realms. You may have noticed a bit more tension than usual in this big, strong muscle. It acts as a separating device between our upper and lower world. This too is being activated to let go of deeply anchored energies of separation. All of this is happening, like clockwork in a sense, so we can collectively move into the heart.

Now, many of us have been working long an hard to establish ourselves there, at the level of the heart. It is very easy to be pulled out by the old stories, so we have flipped back and forth. All the while emptying out the charge from the stories we have held, so they have less of a magnetic pull when we are triggered. It has become easier and easier over the years to open and expand the heart, to hold our hurt and anxious self in that space, bathe it in that frequency.

Now, as millions and millions have continued the deep work of emptying out history from our cells, clearing  personal, ancestral, past life fields, we find ourselves poised to make a huge, deeply significant shift. My sense is that the specific time we are in, this powerful gateway between 12th and 22nd December, is an extraordinary passageway. There is vast, un ending support from the cosmos. Orchestrated Solar weather is bombarding us with extreme levels of encoded light. This is dramatically speeding the emptying out process.

This isn’t a one off, blink and you’ll miss it event. You won’t be forever consigned to languish in the lower dimensions if you don’t jump now. It’s not like that, so don’t put yourself under pressure, or scare yourself. My sense is that there will be a significant movement through into the heart field. Millions will make this shift over the coming weeks, and establish themselves there. Can you imagine the impact on the collective, of millions around the world, holding, resonating at these higher frequencies of love. Millions more will be supported by those heart field frequencies, and make their own shift. The ever increasing nature of the heart field frequencies on the planet will pull more and more into their own deep awakening, as we move into an ascending spiral of light.

The image that has accompanied this growing awareness is of Solstice sunlight penetrating deep into precisely aligned temples and landing on key stones. Many ancient sites around the world are perfectly aligned with sunsise on the winter solstice, to receive a shaft of light deep into tunnels and chambers. This of course is the symbolic marriage of Heaven and Earth. The seeding moment.

We are that marriage. We are being penetrated by sunlight, and as heaven and earth come together in this way, we are birthed anew. Something new is created. The coming Solstice, on the 21/22nd is a massively significant point for this planet.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel quite ready. It will happen in the coming weeks and months. Millions are going to make this shift in 2024. It is going to be a year of mass awakening. This doesn’t mean that everything will transform rapidly on the planet. Or that our lives will be radically different overnight. We move up the spiral of our own evolution. A rung at a time, maybe two. We view and experience our lives from different, higher perspectives. From that level, solutions are more easily accessed. New possibilities emerge.

On this teleconference, we will work with the lower three centres, the central column, the diaphragm and of course, the heart. Preparation, clearing, balancing, aligning. Ready to receive the light of the Solstice.