The Relentless Push to Expand.



There are many phases to the evolutionary process we are undergoing. Many layers to be worked through. Many integrations happening from other dimensions.
Imagine for a moment a huge system that for millennia has been under massive weight and pressure. This is our system and its many layers and levels. It is the collective system too.
Now, there is a great decompression happening within each individual and within the collective and planetary fields and bodies. As this decompression gains pace along with its attendant expansion, we feel lighter, brighter, more energised. There is literally more energy flowing through our meridians and energy centres. The same is true of the earth.
Rory Duff, world renowned dowser and mapper of earth energies has found, since 2017 a huge increase in the width of energy lines, and that there are more of the major lines appearing on the planet.
If that is happening to the planet, then its is happening to us too.
There is a relentless push to expand that can feel exhausting and confusing at times.
The thing is, we have so adapted to the contracted, compacted state that the process of returning to something much more natural for us can feel challenging. The recent major uptick in the amount of energy we are receiving from the earth and sun, along with significant planetary alignments serves notice to us that we are undergoing radical change and restructuring.  We are being asked to become more and to allow and receive more.
In the past few weeks I have felt untethered from my moorings, and at times insecure in all that I do. These feelings tend to move and shift quickly. My meditation practice always connects me deep into the earth and provides reassurance that all is well. The frequent feelings of lostness, bewilderment and confusion, even if relatively fleeting, signal that we are indeed in a massive, rapid shift. We have to leave the old behind now, move out of the safety of a small harbour onto the open sea.
If you are or have been feeling untethered from your moorings, recognise it as a necessary phase. One of leaving and letting go of the known, of smaller identities, as we expand into more of our true nature.
Client work often helps me to see a bigger picture. At the moment, here is a highlight placed on the spine and skeletal structure.This has been the case for a while now. Often in a client session, the energetic spine extends itself down deep into the earth, to anchor in a new way, often more fully than before. We are able to draw more fully on the resources of the earth, as well as flow through us more cosmic energy as our contribution to this time of shift.
Our relationship with ourselves, the planet, and life itself is deepening and expanding in a major way. We are having to reformulate our identities to include more. We are coming to recognise everything as interactive, alive and conscious. While many of us may have had that awareness for a long time, it is as if we have just dropped into a whole other level of that reality.

The evolutionary pace we were moving at suddenly amped up and has propelled us into a new world of potential.
As always, when we move to another level, and this time, its a really significant shift, there is a lot of clearing of old structures, beliefs and patterns that have been part of our compressed state.
Lack and competition are up for another round of resolution and clearing. Our natural state is abundance, and co-opertion, and we are collectively moving closer towards that once more. Each step of the way involves another layer of peeling, of coming to awareness of where we limit ourselves, where we compete, where we uphold lack over plenty. The polarity of lack and plenty and the belief in competition acts like a tight knot in our field limiting all we can allow for ourselves until the knot is dissolved. The expansion we are invited to participate in requires that we let more into our mind, body, field and life.
On this teleconference, we will take a deep look at the polarity of lack/plenty, bringing the bedfellow of competition/co-operation into the mix as well. As we dismantle and dissolve more of the structures of limitation within our field we can return to a more natural state, which is resting in and as abundance. Doing this as a group of course has an impact on the wider collective and our work will be dedicated not just to our personal evolution but to the expansion of all sentient beings.