The Threshold. A Celebration.



Sometimes is is useful, important even, to take time and acknowledge something that has occurred or been achieved. We are at one of those points. A threshold point that is both personal and collective.

There has been a descent and an anchoring of energies across the planet. The recent Equinox signified a crossing of a threshold. A point of no return. One of those very significant portals that humanity and the planet moved through, quietly and largely unnoticed. But everything is different, again.
Part of the energy descending is us, more of us. Soul aspects, multi-dimensional selves, more of us, present, in form, on this planet.
I feel that a point of balance shift has occurred. As if the more of us landing now has enough collective presence to really accelerate the power of our potential.

This teleconference lis an acknowledgement of the threshold crossed. A celebration if you like. An opportunity to deeply accept and embody how far we have come. It isn’t an arrival. A long way to go yet, but it is a very useful marker point.

It will mean something different for each of us. We are all at different points in our individual journey, but collectively we move as one, and the acknowledgement of the point reached is an important one. It allows us to fully accept the power of transformation in our lives and on the planet. That we are very different than we were, even just a few months ago. It allows us to embrace the fact that we live in a very different world now. Although many are trying to cling to the past and re-create from the old patterns, we know that energetically we are in a totally different landscape and creating from the old will be really uncomfortable.

This new space awaits us. So, it is useful to have something of a ceremony, to formally move out of the old and into the new. We step over the threshold into a new life, new world, a new way of being.

As I write this, I keep having the visual playing behind my eyes of the groom carrying the bride through the doorway of a new home. Thats a strangely archaic image, but deeply symbolic. It feels a bit like that for us as a collective. focusing on that, I understand that the ceremony is one where we are about to be clothed appropriately for a new life/world/landscape,/role. Take your pick.

The new clothing of course, refers to lightbody activation. This morning in meditation, new shapes, patterns geometries were downloading into my field. It’s that.

I always like to state that is is not in anyway necessary to attend a teleconference with me or anyone else to receive this. Simply sit quiet and ask. it shall be given.

There is massive amplification though in working as a group, and the energy is then more able to impact the wider collective.