The Tree of Life. Intimately Interconnected.



This particular passage of intensity, the time between the two eclipses, culminates on Tuesday with a full lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. I have been really struck over the past couple of weeks by the way in which energy is pushing in to the very depths of us as individuals and as a collective. We are reaching a point of ground zero it seems, moving into 0our archetypal realms in order to effect transformation at fundamental levels.

One of the archetypes that is presenting strongly at the moments is “The Tree of Life”.  It connects heaven and the underworld, and reminds us of the inter-connectedness of all things, not just on earth but cosmically speaking too.

We are truly a part of the whole, intimately connected to all of existence. We have lived separation for thousands of years. Our myths and legends have always pointed us back to the truth of this web of life that holds everything. We are now having that revealed, inside and out.

Over many individual sessions I am offering, I am seeing this. Our rootedness deep in the fields of light in the earth is becoming very strong. as this activates and rises through us, a trunk id formed. huge and solid. All aspects of us are supported by the inflow of grace and light, rising through this trunk. As energy continues to flow, id extends our into the nervous system and filaments of light extend themselves out to pick up on the flows of energy streaming in to the planet and our system.

More and more of us are birthing this tree within us. It is revealing itself as a fundamental truth of our existence. We are deeply rooted in the ground of our being, and extend outward into the universe. These dancing filaments of light draw to them and are attracted to exactly the information, energy and light that each needs.

This interconnectedness extends out beyond the earth. We are not just earth beings but have our origins in the stars. Energetically we are reaching out now, further than ever before. I believe when this happens at a collective level, it signifies out readiness to make contact.

Of course, many of us have been doing that for a long time. Each in our own way. Now, we are reaching a point when the collective is ready for that. This is a birthing of awareness, a peeling away of veils that have kept us locked in to smaller world veiws and an isolationist mentality. It’s a maturation point of the human collective consciousness.

We can make this a frightening experience and there are forces at work that would love to make this about an even greater need for defence and weaponry to protect us from whatever is out there. They fail to realise that this is first and foremost, an energetic event, taking place within the hearts and energy bodies of individuals, before it ripples out collectively. This expansion through the whole automatically dismantles defensive layers in our collective and personal aura.