Trusting The Heart Field



I had many ideas of what I was going to write as I sat to meditate this morning. The meditation was to streamline all of the thoughts and ideas, bring them into coherence so I could offer something sensible this weekend. As soon as I sat I knew there was something else happening. My heart field expanded and unfolded, and I heard, “We have something prepared.”
What follows is that.
“Waves of intelligent light are pulsing through your field. Allow them to feed and nurture you first before they move out into the world. Understand the inner landscape of you is worthy of receiving, and as you receive, more of your multi-dimensional nature opens up for you to explore. Don’t worry about the world, how you must give these energies to the world. You are the world. As you receive deeply the world is impacted and infiltrated by this light too.
Your heart field is as vast as the solar system, much bigger in fact, but that’s a good place to start. So don’t limit it. Hearts fields are synchronising in a way that hasn’t happened for many thousands of years. Allow yourself to feel into the expanding, unfolding nature of your heart. It will automatically connect you into the planetary heart field, of which you are an intimate part. The heart, your heart, processes vast fields and streams of data every second, at levels way deeper than the personality usually has access to. You can allow your personality to rest in and be held by the heart field. In this way it starts to soften and relax. It opens to and feels the deeper nature of what is unfolding. It can then trust and start to enjoy. Even the chaos can be experienced from a different perspective, that of the heart, and not seem so threatening or overwhelming.
These vast streams of data are begining to form new reality constructs. Billions of hearts coming on line, coming into synchronised union. Most of the heart operators, that’s you, not in any way aware of these deeper reaches of the organised heart field that is busy building, weaving a new reality.
As the personalities come into alignment and surrender to the Grace of the Heart, then the dance can become more conscious, the weaving more intricate and purposeful. It is safe, completely safe to take instruction form your heart. Move here, walk this path, attend this event. All the whisperings are a part of the multi-layered intelligence of the synchronised heart field. It is at once building a new collective reality, as well as shaping and guiding the unfolding of your personal world. There is no separation in this. You are the world and the world is you.
Attend to your piece of it. No need to worry too much about what is happening across the planet. Chaos and upheaval will visit many regions of the globe over the coming years. You will navigate this best if you are anchored in and listening to your heart, which is deeply entwined with the planetary heart field. They work in complete harmony. In your listening you will be moved, second by second, to the exact place you need to be. Practise this listening. It is important. Learn to trust your heart, The Heart. It will not lead you astray.”
We will explore this on Sundays teleconference, which will be a powerfully personal experience as well as deeply connected to the collective. More will be written on the unfolding of the multi dimensional heart. It’s very beautiful.