Uncontainment and Integration. Post Wave Energy Work.



As I sat to meditate this morning I was completely taken aback by the very new energy I was experiencing. This showed up for me particularly in my arms and hands. I was seeing Lion paws, and the whole field of energy surrounding my lower arms was different than I have ever experienced it before. Stronger, brighter.

Sometimes I have these very sharp clear seeings so I really get to register the change. It’s important that we do this. Important that we allow ourselves to be different, important that we behave differently. We have to allow our past to fall away, identities of limitation to dry up like Autumn leaves, dropping completely naturally, with no real effort other than willingness. Awareness is an important element of our transformation, so the noticing of change and difference is valuable.

This process also reminds us that we are part of these great cosmic seasons that stretch over thousands of years. We belong, and are part of a becoming that is so vast in scale that it is almost unimaginable.

These cosmic waves we are experiencing regularly now, are a part of this very dynamic process. We are in the tail wind of the April Wave, that seemed at its most intense to me on Tuesday and Wednesday. We all experience things a little differently. Many are now talking about these waves or impulses of energy.

The Schumann Resonance has massively spiked over the past few days. There has been all sorts of solar activity. All of this is a part of the waves of energy, these cosmic pulses we are immersed in. These are building. The next one, May 20-22 will be more potent again. The one coinciding with the June solstice will be completely off the scale.

We are being prepared, as gently as is possible, but the intensity is very real. One of the major ways this showed up for me was the extraordinary experience of being uncontained by the energies. There were many layers of my field that opens, like a blossom in the Spring opening to the warmth of the sun. These were layers that I wasn’t aware of, layers that were folded deep into my core.

On the previous teleconference, there was the dissolving of an ancient  seal, something that had been locked away, deep in the earth. It looked to me like high Atlantean energy, from long before The Fall.

This is happening in us too. We are being unsealed and uncontained.

On this teleconference we will work with this movement, aiding it and supporting the unfolding that we are engaged in. Consciously working with the energies helps the integration, takes the energy deeper, and helps the next phase, the May Wave to be easier on the system.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman