Victim, Perpetrator, Saviour, Martyr. Setting Ourselves Free.



The bands and fields of collective consciousness within and around the planet are being dramatically thinned out, clarified and purified. This happens within us as well as around us. We are at a significant part of this thinning, the Victim/Perpetrator dynamic with its lesser aspects of saviour and martyr. Each of these aspects/archetypes needs the others to exist. As energy or light come into the planet it penetrates and illuminates these constructs, so making it easier for individuals to free themselves and move into ever quicker ascension trajectories. The incoming energies penetrate deeper and deeper into the dense fields of the human condition moving us through layer upon layer of fundamental patterns which are highlighted and raised in frequency. Over the past couple of weeks, the incoming energy has moved into the layers of programming related to the Victim, Perpetrator, Saviour, Martyr dynamic that is so strong here on earth. Much of it has been dissolved. This creates a wonderful opportunity.

We have all looked at many aspects of this over the years as we spiralled through our healing process. Now, it feels like a powerful resolution is available. A much  greater degree of freedom beckons.

I wrote a few days ago about how this played out for me. The uncomfortable integration of a perpetrator aspect took place on Sunday in a meditation facilitated by Morgan Lee. It happened first in a very personal way, then moved into profound experiences of collective patterning, seeing how these programmes are laid down in the collective field. Since then, there have been several deepening experiences showing up. A lot of creative energy has been freed up. This wouldn’t have happened without the integration and resolution that took place in that meditation.

All of this is stimulated by the massive influxes and pulses of energy we are receiving from the Cosmos and from deep within the earth herself. This is amplified by the huge amount of processing and individual expansion and awakening that is taking place within the human collective.

So the opportunity facing us is that we move through and discard, or massively elevate our relationship with the victim/perpetrator dynamic.

Coming together as a group to fully process this energetic dynamic and and take full advantage of the cosmic support available is a potent way in which we can support the wider planetary collective to feel and understand what is available. It speeds and smooths the evolutionary journey for us all and takes us to a much deeper place within ourselves.

This formative pattern acts like a gatekeeper. It holds us locked within the field Human conditioning. Its not possible to really move into multi-dimensionality while still entertaining the victim/perpetrator game. The less energy we have invested in this dynamic, the more we can know ourselves as eternity. Many of us have dealt with the major manifestations of this pattern, but we are still engaged in victimising ourselves. Treating ourselves badly, talking to ourselves in ways we wouldn’t to another, poor  eating choices, failing to grasp opportunities…..The list goes on.

On this teleconference we will move huge amounts of light into these inner patterns and have their frequency raised or let them dissolve completely. Life, this moment is offering us this opportunity. Gathering to receive it can amplify that and help it to become available to the wider collective.

I will write soon about the creative energies that quickly established themselves once inner resolution had taken place. They will be a part of what we explore on the teleconference as well.