Victim – Tyrant Polarity Shift.




As a preparation for the upcoming Equinox Wave,I am offering a mid week teleconference. Not done this before, but there is something rising powerfully in the collective that is useful to pay attention to. It is the whole construct of victim consciousness. This is always paired with persecutor energy, and from my perspective, plays out primarily in the Solar Plexus. It does though affect the whole of the body and most aspects of our lives. It is one of the major patterns running on the planet, and has done so for thousands of years. Another lesser understood  aspect of this is the saviour/rescuer complex. We will look at this part too. It is all playing out strongly now, so very much up in consciousness.

There is a real opportunity to release, or make major headway into dismantling this pattern now. That is going to be very helpful as we move into these waves of transformation. A lot of support came from the Lions and Whales, to remind us of what true embodied power looks like.

This is powerful preparation for the Equinox, and we will work with those energies on this teleconference. As always this will be available as a recording to listen to at your leisure.