What is Real. Unravelling Illusion. Receiving Deeply.



I wasn’t at all sure this would happen. The past few couple of days have felt like a complete mindfuck. I allowed an external drama to become an internal one. There may well have been value to this. It certainly shows me what is important. In a sense it allows a deeper dedication to what is real, as the unreal falls away.

So, I apologies for the very late notice of this event. Todays teleconference will be simple energy work and dedication to what is real.

The only purpose of what we are all experiencing is to love. This is the only thing that is important. It is the only thing that is real. Everything that is happening on and around the planet is only to bring us back to love.

It’s not about conspiracy theories, it’s not about winning, its not about anything other than opening the heart and allowing more universal energy that we call love to flow through us and in us.

So this past couple of days has felt like a deeply humbling experience. One where I lost sight of what was important. I was caught up in the energies of the (extended) moment. I totally wiped myself out. Often, life takes by surprise and events lead us to on roundabout journeys to deeper places than we would have got to otherwise.

In the past couple of days I have been on an adrenalised journey into some darker places in my own psyche. Coming out of it, seeing clearly again, is shocking. Coming back to truth in my own system, where the powerful, mind altering hormone is not running the show, is very sobering. I feel as if I have dropped through a few layers of my own construct and end up in a deeper place within. A place where I am more willing to recognise how important it is to dedicate myself to what is real.

Truth and love. Love and truth. The only things that are real. We are so easily manipulated. We do it to ourselves.

The times we are in are forcing us to choose. There is great beauty in that. Great power. It is easy to get lost in the powerful currents of energy that sweep over the planet. It is easy to get caught up in what is unreal and make it very real. Many of us have dedicated lives to propping up illusion. It’s painful when that falls apart. It’s happening over and over again, on an almost daily basis we get the opportunity to chose.

We might seem to be pulled off course. We might lose ourselves for a while, a few minutes, hours, days. a lifetime even. The deeper dedication is always to what is real. It can’t ever be to anything else. This is what we are under all the trappings we have cloaked ourselves in.

Now, more than ever, it is important to know what it is you chose as your inner guide point. Yesterday, I wa thinking there would be no teleconference today. As I woke this morning, the very familiar energy was present, reminding me that everything we experience can be put to use. Sitting in meditation. the diamond heart is strong, powerful and possibly a little more available. Maybe what I have experienced over the past couple of days, a powerful dismantling of parts of me dedicated to things other than love, is something that many have been through. It certainly feels like something of a rebirth.

I’m aware as I write that the 6/6/6 date is another point heralded as a major shifting portal fro the planet. I have come to realise that these dates do offer opportunities to deepen oe enhance our evolution. Apparently the 6/6/6 is al about love. It feels appropriate.

The Solstice looms on the horizon too, already puling us in to its vortex. Best do our homework. Be prepared.

If you feel like a powerful piece of energy work to help strip away all the is untrue within, then please join me.