Deepening into the Heart Space. A Preparation for The December Solstice
November 25, 2017
Intensive Group Work. Saturday January 20th, 6.00pm UK, 1.00pm East Coast, 10.00am West Coast.
January 13, 2018
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Planetary Meditation: A Free Offering. Sunday 21st January, 6.00pm UK, 1.00pm East Coast, 10.00am West Coast.

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The first of a series of free meditations to access, align with and anchor more deeply the transformational energies on offer at this time.

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This year, I am offering a series of free planetary meditations. The first of these will be on Sunday 21st January, at 6.00pm UK
I’m not totally sure yet as to the format of these meditations, what exactly we will be looking at. The information always arises in the days prior to the event itself. We are certainly in very new territory since the December Solstice. On that day I was running an event in London. I watched as the solstice energy poured in, penetrating very deep into the fields and bodies of those I was with. I was aware that the energy was uncompromising in its intention to free us from the bondage of our history. For those that have done a lot of clearing work, this feels like beautiful lightness and freedom. For those with a lot of work to do, it can feel like a shitstorm. Indeed many became quite ill after the solstice, with very heavy colds and flu. Lots of dense energy releasing very quickly.

Extraordinary new frequencies of energy are downloading onto or emerging from within the planet on a daily basis. It is these energies we will work with in the Planetary Meditations, bringing them deep into our bodies and fields to anchor activate potentials.We will be meditating for the planetary field, human collective and of course for personal integration and expansion.
As I focus into the possibilities, I understand at a deeper level the amazing co-creative field we birth on these events. How deep is the potential for transformation at both the personal, collective and planetary level when a group comes together and offers itself to the highest potential of the energies available.
There is so much support on offer to us. These free planetary meditations are one of the simple ways we can access this support. The new frequencies need bodies to work through. They are here to totally release the tangled webs of history, upgrade our reality, lay new grids and networks, and remind us of our Universality. We are at the beginning stages of understanding our capacity to create. These new frequencies build this awareness from the inside out, in our bodies and fields, but also in the collective body and field of humanity and the earth.

I hope you will join me for the first of these outings on Sunday January 21st at 6.00pm UK, 1.00pm East Coast, 10.00am West Coast.