A Vortex of Healing and Resolution.



I have just woken from a dream. The fragment I remember is this. I was sitting on the edge of a large swimming pool. In the pool was a spinning vortex of water, a whirlpool. As I sat poolside, watched this spinning water, I knew the power of the vortex, could feel it. I also knew that if you entered the vortex, you would exit in a different state.

Years ago another vortex dream signalled a powerful process of transformation. This time I dreamt of a huge black tornado tearing across the landscape, ripping up everything in its path. I was a child in the dream, with gold hair, and i walked toward the tornado in a state of perfect trust.

This dream presaged my diagnosis with liver cancer, and was an important element for me. It enabled me to trust deeply that the process was destructive but useful. Todays dream was in a controlled environment, a swimming pool.

As I lay in bed  pondering the dream, I saw clearly that we can co-create this vortex in our group field. We can create a controlled environment, we are being invited to do this. We then get a choice as to how we use this. We can give to the vortex what we are ready to let go of. We can dive in head first. we could ask Higher self to make the decision for us.

I realise that I have been in this vortex fro a few weeks. I have felt a deep confusion and insecurity in my life. Nothing was the same. Everything felt very fluid and in a state of dissolution. Over the past few days there have been profound realisations and cleanings of deep issues in my life. One of these involved my mother, a deeply confusing woman. An alcoholic, she was for me as a child, emotionally unsafe to be around. Really quite abusive. She came to representing in my psyche, the dark Feminine. Because I chose her as  my parent, obviously this was something I was wanting to grapple with in this time. Sitting in a beautiful park, I felt my mother, as the Dark Femine, walk out of the back of my pelvis. a profound settling occurred in my system.

Yesterday, another powerful realisation happened. I have s sister and niece staying for a few days. We were driving somewhere to go on a walk. As I drove a brilliantly clear awareness entered my mind. I saw the low grade panic and deep unsettling desire to escape that I habitually experience with family, was simply the remnant of my childhood patterning, and with the bright awareness, a lifelong lack of ease fell away. I understood the deep desire to escape. My family experience was crazy. But not anymore. A veil lifted from my field.

I have a sense of exiting the vortex that has held me for a few weeks. I’m not totally sure of that, but I think this where I am at. The healing of these fundamental patterns is a result of being in this vortex of uncertainty and insecurity.

I know without a shadow of doubt, that we are being invited to create a profound healing vortex field. Our combined intention, along with the support of the assembled energies that work with us,  will give us the opportunity to enter into this field. We will have to surrender to the process. We won’t know the outcome. It will be a speeding of our evolution, a literal spinning out of, an unwinding of patterns and constructs we find ourselves wrapped in. We will have some level of choice as to how deeply we interact with the spin. Dive in or give from the side. We may find our Higher self nudges us toward a full experience.

You will of course have the recording, so can do it over and over, maybe diving a little deeper each time. The choice will be yours.

Photo by Enrique Ortega Miranda on Unsplash