Abundance: Our natural state.



It can be a really useful exercise to position awareness outside of the planetary energy field from time to time.You get a very different point of view. It’s a bit like being in Witness. but at a planetary perspective. Doing it as an energetic manoeuvre can be helpful in reminding us of our complete fluidity, and vastness, but also giving us the overview, getting a bigger picture.

If we perpetually believe ourselves held within the planets field, bound by the prevailing conditions we can be swamped by helplessness and overwhelm. It’s easy to believe what we are told by media factories, churning out stories designed to dismay and disempower.

When you locate yourself  beyond the planets atmosphere, you automatically breathe the rarified air of higher dimensions. It becomes much easier to recognise some of the conditioning taking place within the field of the planet.

There is a big manipulation working at the moment. Lack and scarcity are being promoted as truth.

Now, we have histories and past lives of incredible brutality and poverty. We all have that encoded in our DNA, so we are susceptible to being pulled into scenarios of a similar energy. Brainwashing huge populations has been very successful of late, and that tactic is still very active.

We have to make very clear decisions, on a daily basis, as to what we are plugging into, what we will be sustained by.

Back to that position at the edge of the planets field. If you locate yourself there, you can sense the spaciousness, and feel what I term the “golden fields of abundance”. There is no lack at the Universal level. Yet, we have been trained to believe in lack almost as a condition of incarnation, a part of being human. It isn’t. We are not meant to live in this way.

We can be sustained by inexhaustible field of love and beauty, health, well being and abundance. This is our natural state. For thousands of years we have lived the disconnect from that. Now we remember the truth. That we are eternal, always a part of the whole of existence, not lacking anything, ever.

We as a race are still in the easily manipulated phase. Many of us have remembered the truth, and many more are in process. Billions haven’t yet become aware of that reality at all, and because we are part of collective fields of energy on this planet. we are all impacted by those fields.

This isn’t necessarily about money, which is one of the training routes. Most peoples attention is focused on money as abundance, so when prices rise dramatically, on a daily basis, large sections of the population become fearful. Field dynamics operate and it is very easy to be drawn into that fearful state, simply because the whole atmosphere is charged with it.
I notice it in myself regularly now.

We have to pay very close attention to our energetic state, what and where we are drawing from.

As I meditated earlier this week, asking was there something that wanted to be worked with, communicated, it was this. The Fields of Abundance want to be connected in, anchored for us and by us, so we state a different level of resonance. One that isn’t tainted with fear and lack, but radiates the vibrancy of our perpetual truth. This is a Universe of plenty, and we are a part of that bounty.

On this teleconference we will work with that positioning of consciousness at the edge of the planets field. We will look at collective dynamics on the planet and work with releasing patterns of lack and limitation we may still be holding. This, as I say, is not simply about money, but abundance at all levels and in every sense. We will wrap ourselves in the fields of abundance. We will anchor them for ourselves and the planetary collective as a way of stating something very different than the programming we are immersed in.