All Hallows Eve. Ancestors, Upgrades and Solar Flares.



Please note UK and European clocks have done their autumnal shift backward, U.S. clocks not yet, so there is an hour less difference between us if you are in the U.S.

Apologies for the very late notice on this teleconference. I was feeling a little battered by the energies of the week, and wasn’t intending to offer anything at all this weekend. On waking this morning, Halloween, it was obvious that was not how things are playing out. My team are wanting to use the spectacular energies of this time to facilitate deeper energy work and integration.

We are at the mid point between the September Equinox and December Solstice, known in the Celtic tradition as Samhain, (usually pronounced saween).

This is the time in our calendar, when it is said that the veils are the thinnest. In cultures all over the world it is a time of honouring and remembering the dead, the ancestors, those that have gone before. It is renowned as a time when psychic abilities are sharp and it is easier to see into and communicate with other realms and dimensions.

We are also receiving the most spectacular energies from the suns activities. Today, Oct 31st,  apparently we are due to be influxed by a major amount of solar light and plasma. This, it seems has been happening intensely over the past couple of weeks, and is designed to deepen the DNA upgrades we are experiencing.

Last week saw some of the most significant upgrading additions and integrations to our overall patterning that I have ever witnessed. This can create a lot of confusion around our identity and how we fit here on this planet.

There is also an intensification of energies emerging from the earth.

All of this brings things to the boil in our planetary collective. All of this places a lot of pressure and stress on our human aspects. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and compressed by the energetic climate on the planet at the moment. One of the tricks, if that’s the right word, is to be very conscious of any tendency to move into lockdown mode, and close down or tighten the energy field. Instead, expand out, and wholeheartedly open to receive deeply of the energies on offer. This automatically releases any sense of compression and the feeling of being under attack. It allows us to relax, remember our place in the grand scheme of things, and to fully fill ourselves with the transformational data that is incoming.

On this call, we will work with the ancestors. Not just our human antecedents, but our cosmic ancestors too. We will honour them all, recognising their part in our evolutionary process. We will use the thin veils to open more completely to their ongoing intelligence and support, which is huge at this time.

I was also made aware that the huge amount of stress and anxiety in the collective field, as we are pushed into deeper clearing of the programming that we take onboard, simply as a part of being in a physical body.

This teleconference will be a deeply soothing energy bath, and a powerful opportunity to let go of what has surfaced for clearing in your own energy system. We will work with this, helping to release and balance, as well as harmonising with the incoming energies and upgrades that are pretty constant now.

We will give space to smoothly settling the upgrades in to the cells and genetics in a way that enhance their capacity to inform us from deeper levels.
As usual, all of this is consciously made available to the wider collective too, as a way of supporting humanities evolution at this time.

All of the teleconferences are recorded and this one will be a useful listen at any time to help relieve stress and overwhelm as well as integrating new energies and aspects as they land, integrate and emerge.