Anubis. Integrating the Higher Mind and the Heart.



Mid week I was attending an on-line small group session with the wonderful Morgan Lee. I highly recommend her work.
It is very useful for me to be guided in meditational events sometimes, as it enables me to really let go and experience things I often don’t give myself the time to explore.
On Wednesday I was introduced to a higher mind energy that I have been resisting for centuries. It scared me. I understood that it was an energy I had used in Atlantis, to devastating effect. As it came into my field, there was an opening to another layer of guilt and shame around the experience of Atlantis. This cleared and many shadowy, darkened doorways deep in my field opened up. Rooms that have been sealed for thousands of years.

The higher mind energy needed to be integrated with the heart. It hadn’t been before, in Atlantis. Now, that seemed a very simple thing, and the connection between the heart and higher mind frequencies happened easily. Perhaps thousands of years ago it was a much more difficult thing to do, or I wasn’t interested.
In that connection, deeper doorways into the heart were opened too.
This was facilitated by Anubis, the jackal headed being we know from Egypt. He will work with us on this teleconference. Anubis weighed the heart against a feather to see where in the underworld you would go after death.

“By weighing the heart of a deceased person against Ma’at (or “truth”), who was often represented as an ostrich feather, Anubis dictated the fate of souls. Souls heavier than a feather would be devoured by Ammit, and souls lighter than a feather would ascend to a heavenly existence.”

He is here now to help us raise our frequency, unite masculine and feminine, heart and mind, and give birth to something new on the planet.