Circuitry of Abundance.



For the past couple weeks, the Infinity Symbol has been cropping up in my awareness. Nothing major. Subtle little shows. I was just more aware of it thanI had been for a while. Then, at the engining of this week, I was doing remote work with friends. We all share ongoing hip issues, and decided to pool resources, see what magic we could invoke and invite.

The Infinity Loop showed up big time for me. One of the women found she was drawing the symbol in each of my energy centres. Independently, I found the circuit lit up in my pelvis, and received a teaching bout it. I was shown that this circuit of energy is a major generator of energy. It comprises and brings together the masculine and feminine principles of creation, in an endless figure of eight looping flow, one becoming the other and a meeting point where generation, seeding, fertilisation happen, right in the centre.

This circuitry, we went through successive disconnects from it over thousands of years, is activating within us. It is present invert cell of our body, in every energy centre in our system. It is activating through the bones of the pelvis. They are that circuit. They shape mirrors it.

As within, so without. Circuits in the earth that were also withdrawn thousands of years ago to allow us to have our descent into density, are coming back on line. As they rise, we merge our circuitry with them. One of the ways we used to access these energy circuits in the earth was through sacred sexuality. It wasn’t the only way, but it too, was targeted and we became ashamed, guilt ridden, and deeply wounded in our sexual energy. Our capacity to create beauty, joy and abundance for ourselves and our communities was greatly diminished.

No more. All of this is in the trial phases of coming back on line. I have just participated in energy work where I got to witness this. The systems in the earth being reconstructed, and tested, ready for major switch on later in the year. Im seeing this as the Circuitry of Abundance. Thats what I am calling it, because that is how it feels to me. Often when we think of the word abundance we immediately associate it with money. We have to rethink that. Money becomes less important as we move forward. Connection, vitality, health, wellness, joy, radiance. All of these things come before money. Money is just a symbolic representation of these things. Of course it is important in the world we have created, but as we are connected back into this inner and planetary circuitry, then its significance will diminish in our lives as we experience richness at every level.

As below, so above. There is an upward trajectory to this circuitry too. I’ll write more about that later. As we become more radiant, operate at higher frequencies, and this will be part of the mass awakening being talked about, then people will start to see things, beings, dead relatives, nature spirits, when they didn’t see them before. Many will think they are going mad, but over time it will enter into the general conversation, and become accepted. This will take time.

So we will be part of the testing crew. Running this circuitry early and trialing it out. Does that appeal. You don’t need me or anyone else to do this. You could ask your team to open it up for you. Try it first with the infinity loop in the pelvis. See how you get on. It’s really quite a strong circuit to activate, it feels lovely.

Thats where we will start with this piece of energy work. It will be available as a recording too.

Photo by Reuben on Unsplash