Core Essence; Integration and Expression.



Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing more and more of what I would call Essence Integration and expression. I know that is a term that makes very little sense so I’m going to try to explain what I mean.

I will fail, because it is very beautiful and subtle, but here goes.

The journey we have been on is one of integration and wholeness, becoming more unified. Often over many years, we have done the work of healing wounds, clearing patterns and dismantling false and limiting beliefs.

Many identities we have crafted and worn come to awareness to be let go of, or integrated. We uncover amazing jewels and abilities we didn’t realise we possess. These are accepted and integrated too.

What I am experiencing and witnessing now is another phase of the movement toward wholeness. This is somewhat misleading as we are never not whole, but we haven’t been living from that place. During the long, often arduous healing process, the membranes that keep many identities and aspects of us seemingly separate begin to break down. We experience a fuller version of ourselves with less distortion. Its like the difference between standing in front of a mirror that distorts your reflection and believing that to be true, to being in front of one that reflects much more accurately. Only we, and our life are the mirror. We get to see and experience ourselves with more clarity and immediacy. We receive the energies of life through a much clearer lens, and so there tends to be much more harmony.

Now, there is a huge collective shift happening. The gummy, sticky substance that has held our distortions in place, and our wounded natures together is falling away, dissolving. Many of the messy contracts and agreements we have held with others are no longer binding us. We are recognising ourselves at much deeper levels.

There are so many aspects and dimensions of us that are now integrating, coming together. We are spread over vast distances of time and space. We have existences in other worlds and star systems.

The beautiful, many, many petalled flower that we are is now recognising its own beauty and                        inter-connectedness. Each petal is knowing its belongingness. That it is part of something much bigger. The sticky substance that has bound us, and seemed to lock things in place, as it dissolves, gives way to a much lighter, more subtle sense of holding, being held. What does the holding of all the many aspects and dimensions of us is love. Acceptance. Appreciation. Understanding. Love.

The inner wars and battles we have fought are no longer playing out with the same intensity and in that more unified, peace-full state, essence emerges. It as if, to use the flower analogy again, as the petals unfurl,  recognising themselves and each other, they bask in the warming sun. Then the flower of unity begins to release its scent. Its wondrous perfume. That is the essence. So subtle. Almost imperceptible and intangible that is emerging in us, as us.

We are going to play with this, the integration, and creating space for the very subtle expression of Essence on this teleconference. I hope you will feel to join me.