Creator Beings Awakening. Alignment of Pelvis, Heart and Throat.



For many years a major piece of my healing focus has been the pelvis. Sexuality and sexual energy. I have carried very deep wounds in that area. Most of us have.
It’s not that the wounds are dealt with, not fully, but we are entering a different phase.
There has recently been a huge collective clearing of the pelvis and our very mangled sexual history. The clearing is on-going. Not just this lifetime. Over thousands of years, the sacred energy rising into and residing in the bowl of the pelvis has been suppressed, repressed, shamed, tortured and abused in every way imaginable.
We know the stories, have experienced the rape at every level of our being. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. We have been both, over and over.
All of this is releasing, unbuckling, decompressing right accross the planet.
A significant part of the purpose of such profound desecration of sexuality over the millennia is that we know completely how it is to be disconnected from our capacity to create in alignment with Truth, Love, Grace, Higher Self, Creation.
We have denied our potency, played the game of victim to its fullest extent and allowed ourselves and the world to be used and commodified.
We have learnt deeply, through every cell of our body what it is to be almost completely estranged from the true bounty of life-force power that seek to express through us.
This is shifting rapidly.
Another important aspect of this is the throat centre. This too has been effectively shut down. Our capacity to speak and hear truth have been diminished. We live in a world that is a tangle of lies, and many are so bamboozled they believe the presentation as real.
Again, there has been purpose to our closing down the throat centre. The ability to speak things into being, to manifest through sound is natural for us. It would have been very dangerous to be able to materialise rapidly though the throat centre while we have been so out of alignment. Casting spells and throwing curses. We have all done it.
Now, as the clearing of collective fields continues, pulling back thousands of years of distortion, our true nature starts to reveal itself.
Simply put, we are Creator Beings, beginning to remember themselves. Wakening from a deep slumber, stretching and flexing as we become aware of ourselves as Divinity in human form. Aspects, sparks of Creation.
We have lived disconnect for so long. The reconnect has to be internal first. We connect our genitals to our heart, something most of us are deeply frightened of. We connect the throat with the heart, so what is expressed is carried on currently of universal love. We integrate all that we are and have been, and so understand and live from integrity rather than dislocation.
All of this and much more is happening now as we remember our role as Creators of Reality, and begin to operate from that basis, refashioning this world, reinstating Truth and Love as guiding principles of life.
On Sunday 22nd August, I will offer a teleconference where we work with the deep clearing and re-alignment and maybe an activation of these centres. The pelvis, heart and throat.
I will fill in more details over the coming days. There is much to cover.
You don’t, in any way need to work with me or others to accomplish this. It is happening. Your guides and higher self are facilitating it. Ask them when you next connect.
Sometimes though, there is benefit to doing this as a group. We create a very powerful field of energy that is offered to the planet as a collective piece of energy work.