Embodying Gratitude.



I have long known that gratitude is an energy that can be invited, like joy, or grace, or peace. Recently, I have had the experience of being overwhelmed with or by gratitude on a regular basis. Even when I am not feeling great, it is present, pushing into awareness. I then have the choice as to what I give my attention to. I have resisted offering it as a teleconference, as it seems so simple. It is. But the simplest things are often the most powerful.

Gratitude change your biochemistry. It does that quickly. It’s easy to stimulate it. Simply ¬†look at photos of people and animals you love and feel grateful for their presence in your life. It can take seconds to retune your energy and it is a wonderful tool for raising vibration.

Im aware, that I am being invited to spend more time in this field. Simply allowing it. So this is a meditation on gratitude. Embodying gratitude. Taking it into all areas of body and life. Using it as an energy, a powerful tool of transformation.

We will work with the Angels of Gratitude. They are wanting to encourage us to focus on this energy more, to lift ourselves into higher states. It is also something we will anchor for the planet. As I’m writing, Im feeling almost like a request to become a conduit of gratitude for the planet.

We will take the energy into our deepest wounds and fears, our lacks and pains. We will bathe our relationships in it, open our hearts to it. We will immerse and saturate our cell tissue in it. The energy of gratitude, it’s an aspect of love, softens everything, helps the hardest, densest of places to open up, or dissolve.

This will be a meditation to drop into over and over again deepening and strengthening the flow of gratitude through our lives.