Enter The Garden.



I always enjoy train journeys. It’s a chance to sit back and relax, hand everything over. I’m not in charge of getting to the destination, so it becomes very easy to let go at a deeper level. It’s the same for me on a plane. I’m being carried. Nothing to do for the next few hours.

So this week, I was on a train. Not a long journey, but long enough. I settled into my seat, dropped inwards, and immediately heard,
“We are taking you into the garden. This place exists within you. It has always been there. You never left The Garden. You believed you were somewhere else, but this place has always been here, deep inside.”

I was aware of a shifting of frequencies, fine gossamer veils clearing. I didn’t “see” a garden as such, but I felt the energies of a perfect and beautiful setting, trees and water, and I felt at home, at peace.

Doubt quickly crept in. How can I access this when my life is anything but perfect, when so much is out of alignment.

“Don’t look to your outer world to be a reflection of your inner state. You are entering times of deep chaos. This is needed. But allow the frequencies of this inner state to be your guide, your anchor, your reality.”

This was such a simple experience, yet so profound in its impact. Just requiring a slight shifting of focus for this inner landscape to open up.

The spiritual metaphor of “The Garden” is ancient, and not one I would have used precisely because it is so well know, but it is perfect.
As always, nature points the way. This world is designed as a perfect paradise, and it is perhaps easiest to feel these frequencies when we are out in nature.

We have the garden of eden as a deeply embedded, symbolic representation of a state of being that we left.
Well maybe now is time we can claim that state again, as a collective. Maybe now is the time when we ground that state of being, those frequencies on the planet. We do this internally. It isn’t an external thing, not initially. It has to start from within, from our accessing and accepting this for ourselves, and then there is the possibility of it becoming actualised. Then there is the possibility that as more and more of us open up this place that has always been here, deep inside, we begin to co-create it outside of ourselves. We begin to experience it in physical reality.

Of course many are doing this already. In effect, this is what the whole journey is about. It is a journey that leads nowhere but inward, deep inside to a place we never left at all. Its a circular journey that leads us home, back to where we started from, but landing there with a whole new perspective. Seeing with eyes that truly see for the first time.

The step of entering the garden is a profound one. It carries with it a willingness to create and co-create from that perspective. From the perspective of perfection. From the understanding that a perfect template already exists, and we simply have to listen, get still enough to understand what that is and allow ourselves to be vehicles of its manifestation. Most of us have a lot to learn about this process of simplification, getting out of the way, and deep listening. I certainly include myself in that.
If external perfection isn’t available to us currently, then we accept the perfection of the chaos, knowing it is a part of the bigger process that we all came here to participate in.

On this teleconference, with the most beautiful levels and dimensions of support, we will access these frequencies, this place inside. We will co-create it as a field of energy that emerges from within and holds us all around, and we will ask for help in becoming ever more willing to surrender to these levels of creation that are now ready to become active on a much bigger scale.

It’s time to start building these planetary frequency temples that can provide support, refuge, sanctuary. It starts as an inside job. Who knows where it leads.