Expanded Lightbody, Deepening Intuition.



We are just 10 days distant from the June Solstice. Already that mammoth event feels like a dim and ancient memory, but now, we are really integrating what unfolded and downloaded then.
Sitting quietly yesterday, I became aware of my energy field touching the coastline miles away, and its engagement in woods and valleys around where I live. It was such a simple feeling of connectedness, but I could feel my energy as different. There was more of a crystalline structure to it. Certainly more clarity than I have ever experienced before. Bands of glowing geometry interacted with the sea, with trees and the light of the sun, and for a short while I felt that interaction, that oneness. It was simple, not in any way overwhelming. I was aware of this interplay happening all of the time, underneath my usual level of awareness.
I also knew I was being shown the expansion and integration happening for us since the solstice. There is so much more clarity, subtlety, sensitivity and depth available to us.
During and after a big influx of light like the solstice, we are penetrated. Dimensions of us that have lain dormant for long periods of time open up and add themselves to the available structure of our field. Quite literally, we become more. This of course takes a little while to integrate.
As that happens, more of the intelligence, the vastness, the beauty and radiance of us comes online. Imagine yourself for a moment, embodying all of the active codes of leadership, rulership, authority that you need. Imagine your field, like a huge cloak of grace, flowing out from deep within you, out, over the land. How far does it want to reach? Let it go. Let it expand as much as it wants.
It’s not that we dispense grace and benediction through this expanded field, though of course that is a part of what happens. Not from the personality levels, but from the completely impersonal levels of what we are. We interact. We receive from the elements of life, from the waters and earth, the air and the fires. We are being informed by creation as much as we are informing. As our energy field becomes more ordered and harmonious, so does our life and eventually, our world.
We will work with this today on our Sunday teleconference. Simply becoming aware of our expanded nature and the possibility of this conscious interaction with all of life.

A few days ago, working with a client, there was a part of the energy work given over to a deep opening of channels of light, particularly between the heart and head. As I watched, I knew that the intuitive capacity was being expanded. There were clearings of old patterning, and downloads of new information that landed, but the intuitive capacity was strengthened.
Witnessing this piece of energy work, I knew it was a collective piece, that it wanted to be offered to a wider field. As I sat in the field of quiet expansion yesterday, the two experiences merged.
We are meant now, to become conscious of ourselves as fully interactive, shaping our world and being shaped by it, informed by it.
So, these are the elements that make the focus of what we will work with later today. As always, the recording will be available and sent out to all that register, so no need to attend live if the timing doesn’t work for you.
We are going to allow the lightbody to unfold to its optimal extent. We will balance our individual capacity to give and receive, and we will take time to open the channels of the intuitive process to their most appropriate levels for each of us. There will of course be elements of surprise. The field we work within on these teleconferences is an experimental field, and things are tried out. There are usually downloads and clearings happening that are not signalled or headlined to me before an event starts.
All of this expansion emerges from deep within the heart field of each of us. That will be our starting point. The heart. Everything begins and ends with the heart. Its massive expansion over years of our collective amplified evolution is what underpins all of the rest. We are nothing without our vast open heart that connects to all of creation because this is what we are.
We are simply remembering.