Explorations. Small Group Session. Wednesday 13th December. 7.00pm UK, 2.00pm East Coast, 11.00am West Coast


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These small group sessions are designed to create a space for deeper exploration. They will be structured around a guided meditation, process or energy work based on themes arising in the collective. This will be followed by the opportunity for sharing from every-one present. They will take place over Zoom, and require you to be present for the live event. Videos will be turned on, and the gathering will be about 90 mins long.

Limited to a maximum of 12 people at any one session, this should create ample space and time for everyone. Initially, I am offering a series of six sessions, taking us up to Christmas. If there is interest, then I will continue next year.

The sessions are individually bookable. Each session will be recorded and the recording sent to those present at the session.

I have attended a small group run by my friend Morgan Lee, for some time now and find it to be a wonderful way to deepen my own journey. It’s important for us to to give time and energy to our own guidance and intuition, so they can really speak to us about where we are and what is happening. The benefit of someone else holding space for us to do that is, in my experience, utterly profound. When the times we find ourselves in are this confusing, taking this opportunity is of very real value.

There is also something totally beautiful about the sharing after, and how this deepens he experience for everyone. I am aware in the Sunday teleconferences, that isn’t available, so I wanted to offer this format for individuals to experience the sense of community and support that builds in a small group.

Sharing etiquette will need to be observed. The sharing is not about interpretation of anyone else’s experience, just an offering of your own. It will need to be succinct, so as not to take up too much space in the session. Confidentiality will be requested, so as to create a safe space.

I’m not at all sure what the uptake of this will be like, but booking will be on a first come first serve basis, and there are limited spaces available. If this appeals, it might be an idea to book early.