Fields and Grids of Peace. A Free Offering.



We are requested and invited by The Divine Feminine, to participate in the re-installation of The Fields of Peace.

Thats quite a statement. Not something I thought I would ever be saying.                                                                     Here’s how it comes about.

A couple of days ago, during a very beautiful client session, the energy working with the client made very clear, that while it was a completely personal session for her, it also wanted this to be a collective piece of energy work.

Right at the start of the session, the clients heart, already very expanded, looking like a large light filled bubble. As I watched, this bubble extended itself upward, becoming teardrop shaped. It reached out into the cosmos, until it connected with an energy reaching down toward it. That was a field of peace, held and embodied by Quan Yin. I was a little confused as she is associated with compassion rather than peace, but I figured, what do I know?

The energy of peace streamed as a golden force down into the body of my client, opening places within her, dimensions of her that had been closed. It was an initiatory session for her. I watched as here energy body was worked with, all the time aware I was being invited to witness this from a planetary perspective too. I knew, from past experience, that I was being shown something that wanted to happen for the collective.

As the energy continued to run, it began to form a golden globe in the earth underneath. I watched this globe get bigger and brighter, knowing that something would unfold. Toward the end of the session, the globe unfolded itself, opening up and laying itself wide. Its fabric became like a golden mesh structure that laid down into the grids in the earth. Watching this was profound.

I looked up to where the energy was originating from. High above, a circle of Goddess energies, The Divine Feminine  formed the opening in heaven where this energy was pouring through. Quan Yin became the initiatory focal point but she was one of many that were holding space for this energy to flow into the landscape. It was like a cloak of peace being laid back into the grids. It was made clear to me that this is returning.

Sekmhet stepped forward at one point, and I was aware of her as an Egyptian goddess of war. She told me that was a mistake. She melted into the golden field of peace and I knew I was witnessing a huge symbolic demonstration of the transformation of war as a governing force, into peace as a life field that we are never separate from.

Watching this, in awe at what I was seeing, I became very aware that this energy, these fields of peace were something we have been missing. It is returning. Peace at this level, an energy of peace is a healing force, helping to soothe and wash away scars of battle grounds within us and around us. That will be its first role. It will go on to become a principle of life, something that is completely embedded into the life grids, considered and included at every level without us even having to think about it.

Its as if peace is a subtle but integral ingredient in a cake recipie, without which the cake won’t hold together. My sense is, that the life affirming energy of peace, along with many others, was withdrawn thousands of years ago, so we could have our experience of density. Now it flows back in.

I was asked to hold a teleconference to work with this energy. I was told that it needed to be a free teleconference, to encourage as many as possible to participate.

We are rebuilding our world, co-creating our reality. The forces of creation are returning, inspiring and guiding us in how to do that. We were never meant to do it alone. We have always been completely accompanied.

So, please consider this invitation to attend a free event in which we, along with The Divine Feminine in many forms, will open space for the re-installing of the energy of peace as a life force into the energy structure of the planet.

“It is time to install peace as an an energy. To recognise it a as a force, a power. It is a power that is returning to the earth and mankind. Withdrawn many thousands of years ago, it has been kept alive, flickering dimly in a world intent on domination, control and brutality. It is returning. Not as a panacea, a drug. Not as a forced option, one that must be taken, but as a living breathing energy that illumines the hearts and minds of men. An energy that underpins thinking and decision making. An energy that includes itself in all aspects of life. It is at its core, a deep respect for life itself, and this has been forgotten by many. It is a principle, an upholding pillar of life”