Free January Check In. Clearing Inorganic Infiltration.



It’s a New Year, and a good time to check in with each other. The December Solstice was magnificent and powerful. The influx of energy received then has taken quite a while to integrate. It’s still going on to be honest. It has changed a lot. Everyone is more energetically sensitive and available. So this teleconference will begin with  a Q and A.  There will also be some energy work.

I was thinking just a simple meditation to really settle the energies of the Solstice and open to the energies of the new year, but there is something else that has been bought to awareness. It’s going to be really useful to look at this in some detail.

The other day I was being guided through a meditation by
Morgan Lee. She was inviting us to take a look at any implants we may have been hosting. I had spent some time focusing on this over the Christmas break so wasn’t expecting too find much. I was in for a surprise. Please understand that what I write is simply an expression of my understanding and awareness. If it doesn’t resonate for you, then take no notice.

Immediately I became aware of a robotic like body, woven of fine lines of energy. It was inside my body, in the process of being built. I was confused at first, thinking this might be a developing light body. Part of the Ascension Process. But I could see it was robotic. As I watched,  I became aware of it as an aspect of Artificial Intelligence.

We live in a world that is very split. There are levels and aspects of society that want a world of control and dominance. Our energy has been farmed and harvested for thousands of years. Many of us are in the process of freeing ourselves from that system. There is a concerted effort to stop freedom. It is unstoppable.

Here’s my take very brief on how we are infiltrated. I don’t in any way claim a full awareness. I’m just writing of what has been shown to me.

The infiltration comes in as a form of nano-technology. We probably can’t escape that now. It is already a very pervasive aspect of life. There is a match in frequency between the nano-technology and electronic data. What we watch and give our focus to on TV and on our devices. The technology we have integrated draws upon the inorganic frequencies, pulls them into our system and begins to build with them.

I think it builds a false, robotic version of self. Something that would plug us into the matrix as human hybrids. This inorganic structure building on the inside will take over more and more of the automatic, unconscious decision making, leading us way from what is natural and into a created world where the harvesting of organic energy can continue and deepen.

Our best defence is awareness. There truly is nothing to be alarmed about and I don’t in any way mean to scaremonger. We are consciousness, that can not be limited, unless we agree to the limitation.

Be very aware of time spent unconsciously in front of screens, TV, phones, tablets and computers. Unconsciously is the key word here. We can use devices without worry. We can instruct our energy field not to take on inorganic energies. We can work with crystals. There are many protocols we can employ, but the moment we become unconscious slaves to electronic energies, we are in effect agreeing to be plugged into.

Over the course of this teleconference, we will work with our higher selves to dismantle any energies already plugged in. We will set up templates to act against future infiltration. I will talk at much more length about what I have come to understand.

As I say, the best and only real defence is awareness, so that is what this gathering is about. Becoming more aware. Both of our power and our vulnerability.

You don’t in any way need to work with me or anyone else to check and clear your system You can do this simply by asking your Higher Self. There is though, added potency available when working in a group.

Photo by Maximalfocus on Unsplash