Free March Check In.



It feels like time for a check in call. A space to gather, maybe ask some questions, share how things are for you, and meditate together on whatever is arising.
There is so much going on in the collective planetary fields and the sun is gifting us with the most extraordinary upgrading and activating energy. This is certainly something that will be a focus. How to integrate the high frequency, high velocity solar energy in a way that supports rather than bombards.
Another aspect of tomorrows call takes us back to last Sundays  Egyptian Transmission . During this teleconference an energetic  trap door appeared and obviously wanted to be opened. Toward the end of the call we collectively opened the door.
Symbolically, the opening of a trap door is an interesting one. What lies behind, beyond. Is it a “trap”? What does the door represent.
I think collectively, the secrets we have buried, from deep ancient histories are ready for another round of integration. This may not mean we suddenly remember lives in another civilisations, time frames even worlds.
What I think it does mean is that our DNA is ready to reveal more to us of who and what we are.
The phenomenal outpouring from the sun stimulates and supports that.
On this call, we will work with both.

To register for the free teleconference, please use this link.

Much love,