Ground Zero: New Seeds of Creation.



Yesterday, I found myself in a place of complete desolation. In meditation I dropped like a stone through many many layers and patterns. It happened so quickly that I was dizzy. I found myself in a place of utter desolation, a landscape where everything had been reduced to ashes. There was little light, everything very gloomy and quite. I was told, “This is ground zero. It is where you find yourself. Everything has gone. Your history has been reduced to ashes. It is a clean slate.
Sit in this space. Occupy it. Be comfortable in the desolation. As you sit, and open your heart in this space, new seeds of creation will begin to be sown.”
So I sat in this empty ash filled space, felt the fear, resistance, anxiety rise and fall away. I opened my heart to the space. After some time, fields of light in waving patterns began to emerge and swirl through the space. Everything felt dream like, soft, and very muted.
As I walked through my day, I felt muffled, as if I were wrapped in cotton wool, and not quite present to the world. It was a strange day.
This morning I wake full of quiet excitement.
Where do we go from here?

We are being asked to explore the possibilities of this new state. Is it possible that our history of guilt, shame, woundedness is no more? is it possible that we don’t have to reference ourselves from that place as we move forward . Is it possible that all of that has been reduced to ashes?


It sounds like a dream doesn’t it. But here we are. This is where we find ourselves. We have to claim this. We have to acknowledge this as a reality for us, in order to actualise it. We have to consciously lay down the old cloaks of identity and move forward free, new.

The coming together within us of masculine and feminine energies of creation is an essential element of this stage in our collective process. It has happened in waves, over and over again, at many levels of our system till we are unified and whole. From this place, new seeds are birthed. New energies emerge.

Join me for this exciting energy work to make this real in your system and in your life.


Image by Daniel Holeman