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The other day I was asked a question about balance. I can’t remember the exact question, but it referred to planetary balance, where we find ourselves at this point.

Before the question was even finished, the back of my head opened out into the cosmos. The shift was so sudden I didn’t have time to be shocked. I was dimly aware of the of the question being finished, somewhere a long way away. My focus had shifted to the cosmic level.
I found I was in a vast, vast cosmic body, holding the earth in my hand. In the other hand I held a magnifying glass through which I viewed the earth.
From that perspective it was entirely lovely. There was the awareness of the earth as one of millions, billions of universal bodies, that were like grains of sand. Beyond countless. I knew the earth was safe in immensity of space, held, and known, loved. It is a part of the huge cycles of eternity, and what is happening here is but the tinniest movement, akin to shifting from one breathe to the next.
From this perspective, there is no imbalance at all.
That sounds crazy doesn’t it. When I look around at the planet the imbalance is obvious. It is evident at every level and in every system. There feels to be a disconnect between that cosmic perspective of everything is fine and dandy, just another tiny shift in the universal tides of creation, and the human perspective where everything is a long way from O.K.
This brings me to the magnifying glass I found myself holding in the cosmic perspective. Some years ago I was shown that the field we co-create and hold on teleconferences is like a magnifying glass. It amplifies, concentrates and focuses energy.
At an individual level, prayer and meditation act like a magnifying glass, clarifying and polishing the lens of the energy field, helping to connect the individual to streams of cosmic awareness. At the collective level, the same is true, but operates on a bigger scale.
The magnifying glass effect of millions of people all over the planet, individually and collectively inviting support, guidance and energy into the planetary situation is real, and big.
The planet is held under a magnifying glass, everything is being heightened and amplified. The magnifying glass is also a focusing device, and we have begun to focus these energies directly, in what I termed Energetic Sacred Activism.
The magnifying glass can be personal too. During the three or four minute experience I had the other day, I was aware of energy streaming directly from the cosmic perspective into my body and cell tissue. I was at once holding the viewpoint of vastness and a cellular awareness of my own system. As this “big” energy flowed in, it opened up spaces inside me. It immediately bought to my awareness experiences I was holding of deep injustice, where I believed I had been wronged. Many lifetimes opened up rapidly and I saw directly the impact of holding the experience and belief in injustice.
It locks us in at that level.
So, this teleconference will be very much focused on opening to our vastness, and the direct holding of our personal experience in that space. It will be a very powerful clearing at a cellular level. There will also the opportunity to have a personal magnifying glass installed in your field to amplify your own experience. I’ll write more about this later.
The work will be both personal and collective. Very much a part of the movement into deeper states of neutrality, where we are able to ground huge amounts of clear energy and light into our bodies, lives and the collective.
This does have an impact. It pushes to the surface what is unjust and out of balance. The quicker this happens the better for all.