Homecoming; Choices for life and death.



I have just spent a few days in the place of my birth. I lived the first 20 years of my life in this town, Pembroke, in South Wales.
It is a very beautiful location. The coastline is stunning. Wonderful sandy beaches, historic castles, ancient villages.
As a child, I was unhappy in this place. I felt deeply dislocated by my childhood, and life in my family system.
I was aware that the energy of nature, and the sea made a huge difference to my life. Maybe it was what kept me on the planet.
I got to visit places that held me through my childhood, in ways I didn’t understand or appreciate at all. I saw more clearly than ever before, how, in my internalised distress, I ¬†arranged myself against life as a defence. I created a huge wall of resistance that locked me in and life out. It was a protective mechanism but one that very nearly killed me.
This visit was a very profound experience fro me. It was one of integration. I felt a lot of energy that I had abandoned through my early years return to my system. Buried memories flowed and became real again. There was the powerful sense of a very deep homecoming. This wasn’t so much about the location, but to myself. A very deep settling of soul into form.
There is nothing new here. All of this I have seen and experienced before, but never to this level. As I sat meditating in a primary childhood location, lifetimes of disconnect, of building walls against life became crystal clear, just for a few moments. In those moments, I recognised a massive turning point, and know that this isn’t just personal, but collective.
In that moment I felt my field expand and all lifetimes, all choices were included.
It feels like we have moved through some huge, profound turning point.
Often at these big shift points there is turbulence, and it is easy to get confused about what is important, what needs our focus.
As I returned to my home on the other side of the country, the power of choices was impressed upon me. All through the night I was aware of choices I had made, destructive choices and the path they led me down.
Each and every choice we make is a choice either for life or death. When you simplify things to this fundamental level, everything becomes very clear.
At this point in our collective history, it is important the twe recognise the gift of the moment.
A new beginning is available. History truly has been deleted. What went before now no longer matters, unless we make it important. It’s up to us to chose what is important in our lives, what we give our energy and attention to. Recognising that each choice moves us toward more life-force or less is powerful and helps simplify what is in front of us.
We are life itself. We are creation. Not ever separate from it, but we have lived many lifetimes of experience where we have denied that simple, beautiful truth. Each choice takes us toward or away from that.
It is possible to live from a different place, to not be bound by the imprint of our history.
This time offers that to us as a collective. we have to realise that. We have to make it real in our lives.
On this teleconference, we will accept the significance of this moment, and step into a new world of clear, empowered choice. we will recognise ourselves as individualised points of life. Not someone experiencing life happening to them, but a point of consciousness that originates life itself.
This cant be bound by any history, rules or regulations. This is important to anchor this in our lives and on the planet in these times.
The image is Carew Castle, just outside Pembroke in Wales.