Integrating the Pre-verbal Inner Child.



Over the past couple of weeks my focus has been drawn to the world of the inner child. This isn’t something I have paid a huge amount of attention to over the years, but now, I find that it offers a rich vein of healing. Energy in this world is wanting to be explored, integrated or released as we deepen on our journey into wholeness.

As is usually the case, this takes place in one to one work, and in my personal life. It also is reflected back to me by posts and information on social media. There has been a lot of resonance for the inner child aspect recently.

Many of us hold intractable patterns that don’t seem to let go. It’s not that we have to become perfect, without flaws, in order to evolve. Thats not the point. But wholeness is. An appreciation of our integrity.

The inner child, and specifically the pre-verbal inner child, can hold a world of energy waiting to be integrated so we are no longer entangled.. It can be confusing trying to make sense of the stuff that got locked in to our system at a very early age. Then we were like sponges, with no defence or filter for our outer world. What we were exposed to went in deep. If we were shocked, frightened, felt abandoned or traumatised for any reason, then it might have impacted strongly in our nervous system, in a way that is difficult to access as words and reasoning were not a part of our world then. It lies deep in the world of feelings, often overwhelming for an infant or young child, and locked in at the time of the experience because we weren’t able to process and integrate.

What might have been very threatening to the infant is not at all to the reasoning adult we have become, but the original experience is held in the field of fear that was present originally. We are subconsciously aware of that as an adult and avoid the pattern. Whole personality structures and lives can get built around avoiding the wounds we experienced here.

On this teleconference we will work with the nature spirits and angelic realms to unlock infant and childhood programming, freeing up energy for the present, and helping us access more of our original self. These energies are very much in touch with the childhood aspects of humanity and so are willing to lend support, healing and assistance.

We will create space for the integration of energy but also hold space for energies to leave if that is what is required.

I know from my own experience that this is profound and beautiful work. I look forward to seeing where out will take us.