June Solstice 2021.



Years ago, I was asked to offer teleconferences at the exact time of the Equinox and Solstices. This continues, and forms something of a rhythm for me. This year the June Solstice lands at 4.31am on the morning of Monday 21st June., so we will begin our teleconference at 4.00am, so we are able to drop into silence for the time the Solstice goes exact.

At the June Solstice, the northern hemisphere is at its strongest point of tilt toward the sun, in effect bowing to the centre point of our Solar System. We experience the longest day. The southern hemisphere is tilted furthest away from the sun, and experiences its longest night. From this point on, the gradual shift occurs, and the planet swings back on its axis, toward the December Solstice where the opposite is true. All in perfect balance and rhythm.

It is useful to use these punctuation points in the yearly calendar as a reset. A time of contemplation, of releasing the past and opening to the future. It is a time to orient yourself toward what it is you would like to experience over the next 6 months. It is also a time of massive energetic influx.

Through the year there have been a steady stream of rising waves of energy washing  through the planet and our consciousness. The Solstice, I was told back in February, would be the biggest of these waves yet, a real game changer of an event. How this plays out no one really knows but it feels to me as if it is a coalescence of all that has gone before. A culmination point, where what has already manifested in the frequency fields is bought to fruition.

It is going to be impactful. There will be many Solstice events to choose from. I certainly think there is value  in coming together at this time, amplifying consciousness and connectivity on the planet.

This event will focus on the planets and our relationship with the Sun.  We co-create a lens of amplification through the group field, like a magnifying glass over the surface of the planet, and can use this to focus energy into our lives and dreams.

The Lion headed beings are always strongly in attendance, as are many other groups. It is a powerful ceremony. The teleconference will last about an hour, and will be available as a recording and very useful to listen to over the coming days as it will hold the encoded energy of the event.