June Solstice 2022



I was speaking about the June Solstice on a teleconference, and had misread the exact timing. It actually works out to be a very civilised time for the UK and Europe, not so much for the US and Canada.

Its actual time is 10.13am UK  on Tuesday 21st June.We will begin our teleconference at 9.30 am to give us plenty of time to energetically get into position. It is useful to take a little time to come into alignment, settle the field, give space for what wants to clear. Then we have put ourselves in prime position to receive the encoded light streams available at the actual time of the Solstice.

The suns energies build in the run up to the Solstice and Equinox points. Now though, the energies feel massive all the time. We are being trained to carry higher and higher frequencies.

The Solstice window, which used to be open for three days now feels as if it is much more fluid and opens through most of June, with the energies intensifying as we near the day and hour of exactitude.

This Solstice is a huge pulse of light. Another unveiling of us and the solar system. We will be different on the other side. It’s well worth giving time and space to the energies available. It makes the journey easier to, gives smoother access to the energies, optimises their impact.

As we moved closer to the Solstice, I was made aware of a significant sacrifice pattern ready to disentangle itself from our lives. We worked with this as a part of the teleconference.