Lions Gate, 2022.



There is more energy building for the 2022 Lions gate than I have ever noticed. Some of this is because more people are focused on it now. These portals are becoming more highly energised as more become aware of them. Our off-planetary teams can then utilise them to greater effect.

Just about the whole of July and a significant chunk of August are given over to the ripening and coming to fruition of the Lions Gate energies, which is a transmission of energy largely focused through the huge star Sirius. This blue-white star, quite close to us in cosmic terms at just 8.6 light years distant, burns much hotter and brighter than our sun. It has had a huge impact on our development. Many feel a major connection to Sirius, and at this time of year its energy is powerfully felt.

At the Lions Gate, we are midway through the zodiacal sign of Leo. The Lion Headed beings, always strongly present and very involved in our evolution, use this portal to draw very close. They’re intention is to awaken ancient memory of our cosmic heritage and stimulate a DNA activation. They are a part of our deep ancestry, being involved in the seeding of life on this and many other planets.

The intensity of this Lions Gate makes it another major point of awakening for millions around the planet. As always we will work to focus and integrate the energies deep into our system to receive maximum benefit. As i meditate I become aware of a saturation effect, where we literally saturate our cells and DNA of the body,and light fibres of the energy field with the available transmission, so the whole of our being is thoroughly washed and cleansed by the incoming frequencies.

Many are noticing the time in the run up to the Lions Gate as a potent opportunity to release our history, and patterns of wounding. There is also a beautiful shedding of layers and systems of filtration from our field that have served in the past to both protect from overwhelming frequencies and limit our expansion.

We are graduating. This period between now and the September Equinox, another massive shift point for the collective, is a wonderful opportunity to align, release, intend, uplift and expand into greater versions of your self.

I hope you’ll join me.