Lunar Eclipse, Solar Unveiling.



I watched today as people carried on with their lives and through,”Wow, you have to work really hard now, to not be conscious of the energetics that are occurring, or the disintegrating of the fabric of the society we have grown up with.”  Yet many are managing to do just that. I’m not in judgement about this. Awe would be a better word.

This week has been one of the most potent, in your face weeks i’ve ever experienced. I have been deeply aware of death this week. Death of the old, the wounded personality, the locked in energies and limited self. At times I have felt almost ill with the amount of patterning moving through my system. Rest and nature, sea swims and dog walks have worked wonders. Lying on the earth should be a spiritual practice, or at the very least a recognised healing modality. Try it. It’s an absolute life saver.

The suns energy is going crazy at the moment. One huge flare or Coronal Mass Ejection  after another. The energies rising out of the earth have never been stronger and we are heading for a very powerful total eclipse of the moon on Sunday night/Monday morning depending where on this rapidly evolving planet you are.

It is difficult to deny that we are at boiling point.

This teleconference will be about working with the energies of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Feeling them, inviting them, allowing them, balancing and harmonising them. Integrating them. Recognising them as us, integral to our soul and purpose here.

We are a part of this extraordinary process. Because this is a totally interactive universe, we are calling forth this intensity, in order to create the perfect conditions for a planetary awakening. It’s not just us of course, but we, as a collective, with our powerful intention to shed the history that keeps us separate, are certainly a major part of the mix. I think we often forget that. We are not victims here. We are co-creators, designing our own experience. Many of us are keeping that a secret even from ourselves.

This weekend is going to lift, or blast the lid off on a lot of secrets. Personal and collective. We won’t be able to maintain our denial much longer.

I was shown a Solar Unveiling that will happen mid-May, and here we are. It doesn’t matter if the veil is being lifted out of the body of the sun or dissolved from our energy field. It is all the same. We are being unveiled. The whole solar system is being stepped up in frequency. The intensity of light we experience is about to strengthen dramatically.

So being able to balance and integrate at a planetary level, at the level of the Solar System, is going to be very useful.

There is so much more we will do. We will of course take time with the dying process we are collectively engaged in. We will also work with the crystalline multi-dimensionality that is revealing itself as from underneath the rubble of our collapsing histories. i will write about these in another newsletter.

We will also celebrate the birthing of ourselves as the light we have been seeking for thousands of years.

I hope you will join me.

Image: Daniel Holeman