March Equinox Event.




So, we are deeply in the pre-wave of  Equinox energies. This year the March Equinox is one of a series of very intense waves of transformation coming at monthly intervals. I have been shown that these waves will take us through to a massive game changer on the June Solstice.

Over the coming days there is a lovely opportunity to prepare for this wave of cosmic generosity. It is not something that can be bargained with, not something we can ask for things from. This is the sort of energy you simply offer yourself to wholeheartedly and say, “Strip me down. Take whatever is not needed, not true, not in alignment with my soul.”

Sometimes, we automatically move into resistance around these influxes, particularly if we are unaware of them. We batten down the hatches as if we can defend ourselves and our created personality structures against the incoming vastness. Don’t do this. It is futile and will be painful.

A useful strategy might be to open to the energies every day leading to the equinox. Acquaint your system to what is coming, what is on offer. It will in some small way prepare you for the wave itself. Give yourself 5 or 10 mins each day this week to invite in the Equinox energies. You will notice that every day they get stronger. This will help you open to and receive deeply the amazing gift that is on offer. And it is a gift of cosmic proportions.

What is available is a very thorough scouring, a deep cleanse. The incoming energy is of love and truth, in a very direct form. Allow it to put you right.

Each wave will be exponentially bigger than the one before. I don’t think we can imagine how deeply these cosmic impulses of light are going to affect us, how radically they are going to change things. These are not just personal they are very much about collective and planetary transformation. They are waves of revelation too. I think that by the time summer comes we will be looking at a different world, or looking at our world very differently.

As I am writing this a friend dropped by for a chat. She ended up telling me of a dream she had this morning, about a huge wave coming that swamped the coastal town where we live. In the dream, she wasn’t sure where to find safety, or even if she needed to find a safe place. It was interesting, as this woman is not into metaphysics, energy or meditation, but I knew what she was dreaming about. So we talked about the Equinox. She will prepare for it on Saturday too.

I am of course offering a teleconference that coincides with the actual timing of the Equinox, which is at 9.37am UK on Saturday March 20th. We will kick of at 9.00am and run for an hour. This is  great timing for UK and Europe, S. Africa, nots do much for the USA. No worries, the replay will hold the energies of the live event and be very useful to listen to over the days following the Equinox itself.

I am also offering a mid week teleconference. Not done this before, but there is something coming up in the collective that is useful to pay attention to. It is the whole construct of victim consciousness. This is always paired with persecutor energy, and from my perspective, plays out primarily in the Solar Plexus. It affects the whole of the body, all of our lives. It is one of the major patterns running on the planet, and has done so for thousands of years. There is a real opportunity to release, or make major headway into dismantling this pattern now. That is going to be very helpful as we move into these waves of transformation. So we will do this on Wednesday 17th March, at 8.30pm UK.

This is powerful preparation for the Equinox, and we will work with those energies on this teleconference. As always this will be available as a recording to listen to at your leisure.

More information on both of these events will follow over the coming days.