March Equinox Event, 2023



The Equinox is almost here. As usual I’m offering a teleconference to coincide with its precise time, which is 9.24pm UK on 20th March. We will give ourselves plenty of time to settle in before dropping into silence over the actual time, so start time is 8.45 pm UK.

The quarterly points of Equinox and Solstices are all becoming increasingly charged. They set the energetic tone for the following three months and also serve as a wipe clean of what has been. They are massive cosmic gateways through which huge amounts of energy flow.

We are already in the window of this Equinox and energies are building quickly. I always experience these times as if the sun has moved into very close proximity to the earth. As if it has come right into the earths energy field. In fact, what actually happens is that there is a weakening of the earths magnetic field so more cosmic and solar radiation land on the planet and in our field.

We experience this as a building in energies as we move toward the actual point, the peak of the Equinox or Solstice. Most of us are aware of the growing significance of the energy of the sun in our lives, and bodies. The rays of light streaming toward us are fully encoded sets of instructions landing every day, direct from the Solar Deity. Those instructions can be received directly into our cells and DNA for maximum transformational impact.

The whole of the solar cycle is one of perfect balance in the relationship between earth and sun. At the Equinox, that balance is expressed as an equal length of day and night across the whole planet. In times of chaos, it can be very easy to loose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in wordly events. Paying attention as our ancestors did, to the rhythms of life means we can anchor ourelves in the dance between Sun and Gaia, heaven and earth. Then we allow ourselves to be balanced by these much bigger bodies and remember that we too are cosmic beings.
There will as usual, be energy work at a collective as well as personal level on this teleconference. We hold a field of energy for the planet and human collective, and I become increasingly aware of the power of these fields to effect change at every level.

The recording will be sent out after the event finishes and it will be fully encoded with the Equinox energies. No need to attend the live event. It will be very useful to listen to over the following week to enhance and deepen the experience of the energies.