May Lunar Eclipse.



Yesterday I felt quite clearly nudged to walk in an area that I didn’t know, one of the Nature Parks just outside the town where I live. As I walked, I felt there was a stone circle close by, but I “knew” there wasn’t. I had checked maps and histories. I figured that maybe there had been one in the past, but perhaps it had been dismantled.

I was giving myself to the walk. I didn’t know the area, so at each branching of the path, I would allow my heart to guide me. As I turned a corner, I was totally surprised to see a tiny stone circle, recently made.

I stood and looked at the arrangement of stones. The builders had dug a small ditch around the circle and used the soil to build an encircling mound. They had even placed some stones as outliers, outside of the circle. Despite its size, it looked authentic.

I was deeply moved by this small construction and the time and effort taken to create it. As I stood there in appreciation I immediately felt an even deeper awareness of the vast effort required to create the huger stone circles across Europe.

When I stepped into the circle, I was surprised by its gentle power. I stood for a while as energy moved through my system, and experienced a profound connection into the landscape and a strong clearing through my body.

Continuing the walk, each turn drew me closer to two large signal towers. My choice would have been away from these but I felt pulled. Standing almost underneath the largest, my body quickly reacted. I felt a little sick and my jaw began to ache. As soon as I closed my eyes, I realised I had made myself energetically small. I was approaching these structures from a place of fear. Quickly, I thanked the towers for enabling rapid, worldwide communication and expanded into multidimensionality. As I did this, I saw the tower energy moving through the third and a little into the fourth dimension. We can be contained and impacted by energies in those dimensions if we choose, but as soon as we remember we are bigger, vast, and expand into that vastness, then the impact becomes negligible. We become bigger than whatever it is that is presenting itself. I experienced myself existing in more dimensions than the towers and their broadcast.

Later,sitting in meditation, I was aware of the towers in the distance behind me. I saw angels of communication, holding the frequencies and asked spontaneously that the high, fine energies that are bathing the planet also hold the communication towers. I asked that each set of frequencies emanating from the towers was mapped into and held by corresponding networks of light, love and wisdom that are building around and across the planet.
It felt something link a re-dedication of the energies of these communication towers.

I understood I was being shown that we are in this time when we are ready to bring our multidimensionality to the table, and work with it in the world. Things that we have been accustomed to viewing as negatively impactful, can be totally integrated once we remember our true nature and creativity. It is time for us to claim the planet for the light. I think it is more powerful for us to work energetically. Energy comes before matter. Working in those realms that underpin the physical world will, is bringing about change.

One of the major energetic features of the eclipse on 5 the May is endings. We are at the end of this phase of human existence, where we play small. We are finished with living disconnected from our ability to shape reality and co-create a world we want to live in. It is totally time now for us to accept deeply our ability create this world anew. This eclipse window is powerfully moving us into creatorship at a whole new level. We are being uncontained.

One of the ways we can open to this is by gathering to receive, on behalf of the planetary collective, the great flows and energetic influences emanating for significant events in the cosmos. When we do this consciously, we amplify the energy and make it more available to the rest of humanity. We open our own field and body too, expanding our capacity to receive energy, guidance, strengthening our abilities at all levels.

I will write more about the eclipse in the coming days. If you are interested, there are are many Youtube videos giving detailed information about its impact. It helps to land the energy in our personal space if we know more about it.

This teleconference  will take place at the time of the eclipse, but the recording will hold the energy and be useful to listen to later.