New Realities Seeding.



Last week, I flew to Budapest for a few days. My primary aim was to immerse myself in the thermal springs the city is famous for. I always look forward to plane journeys, as they are a great time for me to receive guidance.

As I settled in to the flight, and began to meditate, I immediately was invited to hold my focus above my head. As I did this, I was aware of a large field of energy. It seemed to be waiting. Within seconds of connecting to it, it began to flow, first into my head then into my body.

“Higher realities want to manifest through you. You have to be willing to love these realities in order to ground them. Simply allow them to flow through your heart. Bring that influx of light down into the heart field and flow it through your body.”

I spent much of the next couple of hours of the flight, and the following three days working with these energies.

My understanding, not in any way complete, is this. That we are in a time now where we are seeding new realities, or rather they are seeding through us. We need to be conscious and available for this to happen effectively. This is operating at a personal and collective level. The influxing energies shift and change things as they integrate. This happens in our bodies and our lives. They develop us in the direction of our highest evolution. We don’t need to know what realities we want to seed, not at the collective level. These energies are flowing from higher dimensions and know what they are about.

I arrived in Budapest in the evening and meditated a little more. There had been a major clearing of my throat in the initial introduction of the seeding Energies. Next day, I went off to the first Thermal Spa I was visiting. Quite a big complex. Huge warm swimming pools,  hotted cold plunge pools, saunas and seam rooms.

As I settled in to the warm water and began to meditate I was totally shocked to find the energies above my head had morphed into a Solar Disk. A golden sun sitting on top of my head. So surprised was I that I actually started to cry, quite involuntarily. It was a huge sense of recognition and relief, and the shock confirmed to me that I wasn’t making this up. There was an immediate linking up of the sun disk with the figure of eight, infinity symbol in the heart. Energies flowed much more strongly. I understood that we are ready again to be working with these flows, these technologies of light.

Over the days I was there, I was instructed in fusing energies to water molecules and into earth grids. That is primarily about holding a clear focus of intention and willingness. There was a significant balancing of the lobes of my brain, and a tremendous sense of joy and possibility.

So that is what this teleconference e is about. Opening to the energy of New Realities Seeding.

As always, it feels important to say that this is not something that is dependent on being on a teleconference with me. Each of us has our own path and potentials. If it appeals or intrigues, you could simply ask your guides and Higher Self to show you if and how this might work in your field.


I have a sense that this, coming at the beginning of the year, will set the tone for the whole of the year. I was very aware that the December Solstice has been a significant break with the past. A deep letting go.

Now we set about creating our future.