Our One True Self.



Over a month ago, the energy started to build, leading us into the March Equinox on the 20th. There has been no let up. I was made aware of a month long period where we would walk through many doorways. Lunar Eclipse was followed by major Solar Eclipse, and now, this weekend we have another significant transition point. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, this time taking place in Taurus.

I’m not an astrologer, but I am certainly feeling the pull of the heavens. I’m feeling drawn out into the cosmos by the extraordinary events that are sending tidal waves of energy our way. This pull outwards is matched by a deep draw inwards. Since the Equinox, I have felt deep icy territories open up within me. Whole inner landscapes, numb, frozen and unexplored are surfacing. As I explore every morning, my perspective has shifted from, “Oh God there’s more!” to “Oh Wow, there’s more.”

This pull, both far outward and deep inward, is expansion. We are being expanded. Our version of ourselves is growing bigger and bigger all of the time. The Disclosure Movement demands release of proof of extra-terrestrial contact, and those contacts are happening within, as we integrate cosmic ancestry. The meetings take place inside our DNA.

The surfacing of lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, well, it’s an inner surfacing. It is rising within us first. Maybe that will result in undeniable, conclusive evidence of these lost civilisations for all to see, but it has to happen in the energetic realms before it happens in physical reality. ¬†More and more of us are finding these lands and memories within us, are meeting our cosmic ancestry on the inner planes. When enough of us thaw these portions of our psyche and integrate the memories, then it will happen for the wider collective.

Jupiter represents the energy of expansion and rules belief systems. Uranus represents freedoms and Higher Mind. with this conjunction there is a massive breakdown off limiting beliefs and structures that have locked us into small minded viewpoints. There will be major breakthroughs for many of us in our view and experience of ourselves. As enough expand into vaster perspectives of Self, the ripple effect in collective fields will be enormous.

My experience in the past few days has been of standing on thin, unstable ice. This ice sheet, once thick, is breaking up. That can feel like a destabilising, terrifying process. All that we once thought was solid, including our identity, our version of ourselves, is not so solid at all.

It isn’t as much that we fall through this meting ice into the dark, cold waters beneath. Rather, what has been held under the ice rises as new levels of awareness and support. Ancient landscapes of us are emerging. Deep histories, long lost, are opening up in our personal and collective memory banks. Junk DNA and dormant portions of the brain are receiving activations and vast amounts of light, bringing them on line, totally reconfiguring our experience.

I keep hearing the phrase, “One True Self”. At first I was thinking in terms of Higher Self, Greater Self, but I was looking through the lens of individuality. The emergence of The One True Self is the remembrance of ourselves as one body of humanity. We are not and never have been separate. But we froze that level of our being so we could have our experience of fractured, fragmented, individualised reality, and see where that takes us. If we look around us in the seemingly external world, this is where it takes us.

Something else is emerging. Our One True Self is emerging. The frozen capping that separated us from this level of our being is thawing out. The huge incoming Solar Energies act like microwaves radiating the inner permafrost, and as that opens up, we are reunited in Oneness. We are consciously moved by the deep impules and intelligence of the One True Self, that acts for the integrity of the whole, knowing the individual is an integral part of that wholeness, never separate. It acts for the highest good of all concerned.

If this is resonating, please consider joining me for this teleconference. It will take place within hours of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunct being exact. We will work with those energies to surface within us what is rising for us and the collective.

Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash