Post Equinox Deepening. Working with The Solar Discs and The Emerging Masculine.



I’m not a dreamer. Not in the conscious sense. It was pointed out by a good friend recently that much of my dreaming happens in the waking state, so I don’t need to be a dreamer, and I think this is true.
Last night though, I dreamed, and as I woke I knew it was important to share this with you.
Im the dream, I was in a long, slow moving que in a train station, waiting to get tickets. Just in front of me were a group of young guys, ranging from 18 to 20 in age. I had the chance to listen to their conversation and observe their behaviour.
I was deeply moved by what I witnessed. They displayed such a level of maturity and consideration, care, concern and warm humour with and for each other. It felt like a privilege to be a part of their energy field as we shuffled along in this que.
They were talking about their studies, their futures, hopes and plans. They were heading in different directions. Their friendships of years would be changing as they moved to different parts of the country, engaged in different things. It was a dream of endings in a sense, but filled with such hope and fresh vitality too.
I woke from the dream, wanting to let them know how profoundly I was moved by listening to them, and their intelligent concern and support for each other.
The dream at once revealed and laid to rest my anxiety about the masculine that I hadn’t been fully articulating. It showed me that the masculine, not the collective of men, but the masculine in all of us, has got it. It’s happening. We can trust ourselves and the integrative process we have been engaged in wholeheartedly.
The Equinox yesterday was beautifully powerful. It signifies a major shift, in our journey. We are about to embark on a new phase, perhaps a new direction. There is greater clarity, stronger purpose. Much will be changing over the coming weeks and months.
In the northern hemisphere we move into autumn and the southern moves to Spring. Don’t be bound by those seasonal shifts. In some dimensions we are planting seeds, in some we are harvesting, in others we are in hibernation, in others we are in the full bloom of summer. This is what becoming our multi-dimensional selves is. We are everything all at once. Don’t be bound by the outward appearance. Be everything.
I’m going to offer a free teleconference today, usual time. I hope it doesn’t feel like overload. I often say only attend these events if you feel truly drawn. This is very true now.

It is simply that I have woken with a deep awareness of the profound significance of this moment, this Equinox, and so there is a real opportunity to go deeper. Much deeper.
We will work with this emerging masculine strength in all of us. We will focus on the great unmasking that is happening as we reveal ourselves to ourselves.
Resistance and anxiety are falling away as we come into our purpose in a much stronger way. Can you feel that? We will amplify that movement.
The energies are still streaming, strong and bright. Let’s make full use of them and give ourselves to this moment.
If you feel drawn to this then please use this link to register for this free event later today. As always the recording will be available of you cant make it live. Listen at your own time.