Re-Weaving Heaven and Earth.



The eclipsed supermoon we have just experienced has offered another huge influx of transformational energy. It always takes a while for this to integrate. We are still in that phase so be easy on your self. There may be more excavation and releasing in the emotional body and certainly more integration of new frequencies and upgrades. This is supported by stillness. Take time for yourself. Recognise the enormity of what is unfolding, personally and collectively.

The major takeaway for me over the past few days has been a huge reminder of what we are doing here. On this planet we have specialised in separation. It felt to me as if the eclipse released a substantial piece of the collective architecture supporting that belief.

We are engaged in the re-weaving of heaven and earth in physical form, ending the illusion that we are separate. We do it within ourselves first and foremost, and then help to transform our world through our beingness, our intent and our co-creations. We are Spirit clothed in matter, remembering that matter is spirit too. It is another way that we bring together the masculine and feminine polarities of our being, by embodying ourselves as beings of spirit, while living our humanity whole-heartedly.

What has been very beautiful to watch since the eclipse is the significant upgrade happening through the crown and third eye. A really powerful restructuring occurred and is still in process. It takes the form of a dismantling of old patterns and limitations integrated during the old paradigm. This is followed by the weaving of new threads and strands of light, a new architecture installed into the energy field.  As I watched this in the body and field of a number of clients I recognised that it was being facilitated by our Star Family connection. It’s a major aspect of the remeberance of ourselves as the embodiment of heaven and earth.

This teleconference will give space for the upgrade through the head centres, and focus on the dismantling of any veils of separation that are ready to fall apart. As always, when a part of the system gets an upgrade, there are knock on effects throughout. These will be different for each of us, so we will give space for the ripple effect of the energy to move through there whole body and energy field.

The bigger picture is of the re-weaving of Heaven and Earth. We will hold space for that, and our Star families to make a significant appearance in order the help us experience and remember all the we are.

There will be more to the teleconference, but these I think are the major points and work we will cover.

If you can’t make the live event, the recording will hold all of the energy, and vibe worth listening to.