Recalibration, Integration, Initiation.




Intensity is always the experience now, and this can leave us feeling a little battered and bruised by the continual impact of high frequency influxes and deep, powerful dismantlings that are constant.
One of the keys to creating as smooth a passage as is possible is to view it all impersonally and recognise the blessings available in this time of extreme heightened evolution on the planet. The fact that we are being pushed to our limits and then some is a great gift. It is what we came for, and much is being accomplished that we certainly couldn’t achieve on our own. This is happening collectively, not just to you. The level of high energy support is phenomenal.
Over this past few weeks I feel as if I have been hollowed out. The scouring has been intense to say the least. I know many of you are sharing that experience to one degree or another. It is in preparation for major downloads of energy, light and information that are headed our way. We are certainly being recalibrated.
Some of our densest and deepest programming is being forced up into consciousness for us to look at and release. Not to much processing required at this stage of the game. It does feel as if simple acknowledgement is enough most of the time. You will know if something needs your specific attention as it just hangs around, or crops us in a few different guises, but its the same issue underneath. Recognition and acceptance are key and will move you through things quickly.
I’ve had Covid for the past week. Very mild, but have felt at times deeply exhausted. There is something lovely about surrendering to tiredness, knowing there is nothing else I should be doing in that moment, other than resting. That in itself is a reset. Illness for me is usually a process of deep clearing and this has certainly followed that curve. I’m coming out of it now, and lots of things are settling into place.
This sense of being hollowed out is profound and repeating, so I know it is a bit of a message. It has been accompanied by the image of a vessel being emptied and cleansed and strengthened. This is us. We are these vessels. The process we are in, emptying out and purification, is always followed by a filling. A download or influx of energy always follows. It has been waiting for us to be receptive enough.
Well now we are.
This piece of work covers that. As usual, there will be a couple of elements. Firstly, there is a strong aspect of healing. I’m not sure that is the right word, but after the powerful emptying process we have been through, the Angels of healing are on hand to support, soothe and and bring comfort. They and the teams of healing guides will literally smooth out some of the rough edges left over from what we have moved through.
There is also an element of consolidation, integration of the vessel. Now, we are the vessel. Our body and our energy field is the container. Im being shown that consolidation work with happen, both collectively and personally. Your team will be working with you in the high frequency field we co-create.
The exciting piece of this will be an aspect of initiation. We are all being prepared to enter into higher dimensional awareness. As we are emptied of the dross of the human condition, then we naturally become more buoyant, rise up the frequency scales. When we come together in a high frequency field we can be lifted together. Nobody is taken beyond their limit. Nobody is held back by another frequency. We find our own level but are raised a bit higher, push to elevate a little more fully. This comes under the heading of initiation. We will be initiated into a new level of self and its preparation for what May brings. It is going to be a very highly charged month.
As I sit and write this, I am constantly being nudged by a very large field of energy waiting to interact with ids on this teleconference. As always it’s important for me to say that this doesn’t require me or anyone else to do it for you. Thats not possible. You don’t need to attend a teleconference with me or anyone else to receive this. Simply sit and ask, and it shall be given if you are ready.
Coming together as a group, in this experimental field may allow for a little more power in the shared experience.