Receiving Our Good. A Pineal Activation



So much has happened and is continuing to unfold. We are between eclipses and in the Samhain/Halloween/All Saints Day window, when the veils between worlds are said to be thinnest.

The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sah-ween) is traditionally the most significant of the fire festivals, sitting mid-way between the September Equinox and December Solstice. It marked the end of the harvest, and a time of celebration for all things received.

I have been made very aware over the past week of the importance of stopping and taking time to receive. There is so much on offer at the moment. So much energy, such powerful upgrades and activations. Such deep clearing and releases. Often we rush through our lives, feeling the pressure of amplified energy streams and the possibilities of so many activations. The sense of pressure is enough to help close down our field and inhibit our capacity to receive. On this teleconference, we will take full advantage of all that is on offer.

We are deep in the window of Samhain, and the thinning of the veils. a time when inter-dimensional communion is more possible than ever. We can ask for our veils, along with planetary veils, to be permanently thinned, and our ability to connect with guidance and aspects and beings in other dimensions be boosted.

It is a time to receive your harvest, to reap the rewards of all things sown. Twice in the past few days, I have been told to take time to receive the good of my life. As I stopped and sat, a beautifully uplifting golden field of energy has been gently lowered into my body.

So, there is a lot to focus on. There have been major upgrades and activations to the third eye, and heart centre. We will give time and space for these to unfold. These upgrades are a part of the harvest, what is on offer. It’s up to us to take the time for integration.

I have also been aware of endings. A conscious clear out is always useful. I have felt timelines that were possibilities but never got explored closing down and falling away. They would appear in my life as fantasies of what I could or should do. Old relationships or career paths that were potentials. It is useful to let go of these as they use up a bit of energy. Just like clearing the files on a computer every now and then to free up space.

More room for the receiving.

Photo by Tamara Gore on Unsplash