September Equinox, 2022



The September Equinox is upon us. As always, I am offering a teleconference at the precise time of the event itself. This time, it works out nicely for the USA, not so great for UK and Europe. The actual time of the event is 2.03am UK on 23rd, so we will begin at 1.40am to give us time to set the field. The recording will be available, so no need to be present at the actual time of the teleconference, you can listen to the replay later. The Equinox window will be open and flowing huge amounts of energy right through the weekend.

With so many momentous shifts taking place at the moment the Equinox will certainly be a significant and additional part of the process. It’s in Libra, which highlights choices. The balance of night and day is almost exact across the planet at the Equinoxes.

Today, I sat to meditate with the sun. As I did, I was immediately taken into its field.

“Can’t you see I’m willing you on to transform. Accept my help, don’t resist. Explore my energy and take it deep into your system. I operate on many levels, with a vast range of frequencies. All are available to you, and at the Equinox, even more so. “

The simple message felt urgent. There was a pressure to it. My sense is that we really don’t understand how significant the help of the sun could be. It is the giver of light and life in our Solar System. Its energy, its presence is everything. We revolve around the sun. As I write about this I am experiencing flash backs of other times, culture where the relationship with the sun was truly central to their way of life.

On this Equinox teleconference we will work deeply and consciously with different levels of the energy of the sun. There will be options and choices. Each one of us gets to decide exactly how we interact with that great being, but so much is on offer at the moments it is useful to present ourselves with the options.

All of the higher frequencies are available through the sun. We will draw on those, inviting them to deeply anchor in our bodies and lives, and for the planet. First though, we will invite the sun to help us burn away what is no longer needed. This is always a powerful opportunity at the Equinox and we will give a chunk of time to it.

All that we do for ourselves, we will do for the wider collective and the planet too. Our ancestors used to know the importance of the Equinox and Solstice points for the whole planet, and worked to anchor energies at these times. We will do the same.