September Equinox 2023.



This year, the September Equinox is precise at 7.49am UK, on Saturday 23rd. For this, we will begin to gather at 7.20am UK. This gives us time to have a bit of a chat and really get into energetic alignment for the actual moment of the Equinox. As usual we will be in silence for a few minutes over that time.

The rhythm of the earths relationship with the sun is one of beautiful balance and harmony. Within that of course are solar weather patterns that greatly impact us here on Earth. We become ever more aware of those as our sensitivity levels increase. As a way of increasing our own state of balance, it can be very useful to connect in to the planets relationship with the sun. Doing this immediately encourages the personal energy field to expand and stabilise, as we remember our place in the greater scheme of things.

At the Equinox points, the length of night and day are roughly equal over the whole planet. Spring and Autumn are the seasons we move into depending on the hemisphere. It is as if the planet holds its breath momentarily before the next cycle begins. That still point is a very valuable place for us to position ourselves. There is much personal information and guidance available to us regarding the coming three months or so. This helps as an orientation point.

Also, there is a vast amount of energy that pours into the planets field from the sun, giving us a potential boost in our own evolution.

I will write more as we draw closer, but this is one of those times it is highly recommended to put some time aside for meditation, assessment, integration and orientation. This teleconference could be a very useful tool, helping you focus and access the energies at a very deep level. The recording will be a powerful listen in the days after the event as the Equinox window will be open for a while after Saturday’s peaking energy.