September Equinox, 2021



You will have noticed the massive build up of energies over the past few days. This heralds another major step that we are collectively taking over this time of the September Equinox.

The four major points of our Solar year, Solstices and Equinoxes have become very significant markers, a time when the shifts, the clearings, healings that everyone has made over the past few months are consolidated. The whole field of humanity takes a dive deeper into itself as more and more of the vast layers of illusion and separation wrapping the planet fall away.

These quarterly points on the calendar, (there are others, but I tend to focus on the 4 major ones) have become more powerful over the years. I was expecting the opposite, that after the massive influx of energy and light at the 2012 December Solstice, things would drop off. That hasn’t happened.

What has become clear to me is these points are almost a crystallisation, a marker of our collective progress. A time when there is an amalgamation of all we have gone through and at the time of the Equinox or Solstice another series of veils are removed from around the planet.

This unveiling is both personal, planetary and collective. It happens to each of us as individuals, to the planet and all inhabitants and the human collective. As I was sitting to meditate, gathering thoughts for this newsletter, I found myself out in the planetary field watching as a great unveiling took place. It was like seeing gauze being unravelled from around the planet. It happened inside my head at the same time.

As always, its really useful to give time to that process for yourself. Sit and connect with your team and give the space for the veils to be unwound from within and around you. It makes everything so much easier, smoother and lighter if you do. What has felt crazy and unbalanced all of a sudden makes sense as old energies and patterns fall away.

If we don’t give time to this process, we tend to just get entangled in what is trying to clear. We make it real, when it is the old, dying energy releasing through our system.

Everyone I know has been going through something powerful over the past weeks. The energies are pushing very deep in preparation for the major unveiling that we are now in. It is happening all of the time, but at these planetary markers the event becomes very noticeable. Even those that aren t engaged at a conscious level are recognising the intensity.

I was asked to call this teleconference a celebration, because that is what it is. From the heavenly point of reference, what is happening here is celebrated. Humanity is birthing itself anew. The old patterns of control are being shown clearly for what they are. It is plain for all to see. This will become much more obvious now, over the next few weeks and months as this unveiling is a very significant one.

Take time, no matter what you are going through, to focus on even the idea of celebration. All that is unfolding is meant to be happening. It is leading us totally in the right direction.

This movement we came for is completely unstoppable.  Celebrate it’s happening. Focus on what is real rather than on the illusions that are falling away.

This Equinox will help us all see more clearly. That has consequence. The more we give ourselves to the process, the smoother the ride can be.

We will come together for this teleconference half an hour before the actual time of the Equinox, which is at 8.20pm UK. As usual, we will drop into silence for 10 mins or so over that time.